Is it summer yet?

Summer Outfit

I love sunshine. I love summer. I dislike snow, especially how much snow we’ve had this winter. That’s partly because I spent my last winter in California, where it was 80 degrees in January and I laid out in the sun. Yesterday it got up to 48 degrees, I think, and it had me wishing for Spring so badly! I can’t take ANY more snow!! I just want to wear my cute new swim suit and lay out in the sun!

So sometimes, when my desire for summer just gets to be too much, I pull out my favorite shorts and a summery t-shirt, turn up the heat and sit around in them.

Not sure if it helped.

Dear warm weather,

Please come soon. Melt all the snow. Gimme those Western endless blue skies.



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Wavy Beach Hair

Well, as of this Friday, I will be living in California! Since it’s such a different place, I wanted to make sure I fit in–I decided I would try the beach wave! I just took a straightener and waved my hair, then put some hairspray to make it more defined and less frizzy and all over the place. I think it’s a success!

I’m hoping this will help me get back into the habit of doing my hair. All too often do I just let it go natural or just throw it in a braid. I’ll be excited to be in the sunny L.A. and livin’ the dream!

Goodnight Summer

Summer is drawing to a close and as such, I wanted to give a kind of tribute to the bronzes and light colors that I’ve used on many a weekend trip.

Here I used my E.L.F. Sassy, Earthy and Chestnut eye shadows and lined the top lid with a pink/brown liquid eyeliner from Almay. The bottom lid is lined with the Sassy eye shadow. Lips are Body Shop & E.L.F. lip balm (with a Burt’s Bees base, of course.)