Monday with Maria DIY: Make-up Brush Cleanser

The biggest staple of a make-up collection for a girl are her brushes. Even if you’re not a “beauty guru,” brushes are a must. Think of it this way, it’s like telling Picasso to paint a great work of art with a kindergartners paint brush.

Brush cleansers can run anywhere from $13-$50 depending on the brand. Today I will show you how to make your own make-up brush cleanser. Now you may not think that you need it, but it is actually really gross how much dirt and bacteria are in your make-up brushes.

These are the supplies you need:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the soap will dry out the brushes by itself, the oil will allow the moisture to be restored in the brushes

Any antibacterial soap: this is to kill any bacteria on the brushes

This is the brush I use the most. It is the e.l.f. professional Total Face Brush. I use it for my powder as well as bronzer. It is a fantastic brush!

First put the antibacterial soap on a plate.

Then add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Start swirling the brush around in the soap and oil mixture. Sadly, the discoloration isn’t from the brown brush, but rather the dirt and caked in make-up. Gross!

Then rinse!

When you leave it to dry, hang it upside down. You don’t want any water getting into the shaft of the brush because it will cause the glue to loosen and the hairs to fall out.

When you use your make-up brushes, which I do every day, the make-up and bacteria from the day before is re-applied  to your face over and over again.

With the New Year just starting it’s good to start fresh with some clean brushes and a clean face!

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