Guest Post: Nail Art by Anna


Who doesn’t love finding new ways to to their nails? I know I suddenly am obsessed, which is why I asked the lovely Anna to post about her immaculate nail art!

First I painted my nails with multiple coats of Sinful Colors Scandal nail
polish. It’s an extremely pale pink, which means multiple coats was

Then, I got out my Kiss Nail Artist Blue and simply painted a backwards “C”
on the left side of my finger. I placed a normal “C” on top and a crooked
“C” on the bottom to form the main design on my fingers.

On my ring fingers only (just my personal preference), I added a
little bit of Kiss Nail Artist Silver coming from the center “C” just to
add some flare.

After all of this, I let my nails dry to the “sticky” stage and added a clear top coat, which for me is Seche Vite.

Et voila! A cute way to design your nails. Use red and gold to spice it up for the Holidays, or give as a gift to a little sister!


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Homemade Nail Polish and Sneak Peek at the Grand Prize for the Contest/Giveaway!

 When I’m not feeling in a good mood, or even if I’m bored, I paint my nails. Lately, I’ve been really into it. I like seeing which colors are popular for the different seasons. This season, gold is in! (If you’re looking for the Sneak Peak at the Grand Prize for the Contest/Giveaway, scroll down!)

I have been really into gold, glittery things this fall. Including my new shoes, my new jacket, and now my new nail polish. There was a picture on Pinterest (my new obssession) and it was nail polish that had big chunks of glitter in it–it was adorable! I usually get my nail polish at Walmart or a drug store. For some reason, I could not find a glittery/sparkly nail polish that I really like. With my DIY mindset, I decided to make some gold nail polish!

I decided that I wanted my ring finger to have the accent color. I painted all my other fingers 204 West Village by NYC. It’s a really pretty color. It looks like a dark blue, but in the light it has hints of purple. (I got it at Walmart for less than $2)

Then take any clear nail polish, I’m using 271 Clear by NYC, and any gold glitter.

Next, put some glitter in a small container and pour in a little clear nail polish. Then apply! You can apply it like I did to an accent nail or to every nail!

Make sure to check out the Do-It-Yourself project I did on Monday, here!

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And now I will give you all a very special Sneak Peek into what the brand that the Grand Prize will be!

Drum roll……….

Yay! We won’t tell you what the Grand Prize is just yet, but it is fom Urban Decay! Urban Decay is such a wonderful brand and has so many quality products. The one lucky Grand Prize winner will absolutely love what their prize is!

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Nail Polish Experiments

I love doing my nails when I have nothing else to do. There was a time in my life where I did my nails every couple of days. I’ve talked before about how I have a case full of lots of nail polish, but I generally don’t use but a few of the colors. This time, I decided to just pick a color at random, and I chose this blue! Normally, I don’t like blue nail polish, but I really liked it this time.

As far as the decorated hand, I was thinking about doing multi-colored nails (ya know, bringing it back 90’s style), but I ended up playing around with it a little more and came up with these dice-nails.

Then I started thinking about Halloween and maybe trying to find a costume where I could use this style of polish as an accessory! I’ll keep you updated!

And then I discovered a tutorial for Newspaper Nails:

This is my first attempt, so it’s not as polished and clear as I’d like, but I’m pretty pleased! Here are the steps and materials needed (newspaper, nail polish, rubbing alcohol):

I decided to use the horoscope section because of the stars and nicer words; however, this doesn’t really matter because the words end up being mirrored onto the nail, so you can’t really read it anyway.

First, coat your nails with the polish. Make sure it’s completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Then, cut out nail-sized clips from the newspaper that you’d want on your nails & pour the rubbing alcohol into a small container. I used the lid to my nail polish remover (making sure to clean it out before and after).

Then, place the clipping on your nail until the alcohol soaks through and remove! I added a clear top coat to make sure they stayed as long as possible and to add shine.

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