A Binder of Letters

I’m very lucky that while my boy is in the MTC, we can send and receive letters same day. Since I live on the same street as the MTC. I actually drive past it on my way to and from work. Yes, I’m always hoping I see him, but I never do. I can’t wait until he goes to France so I can stop giving myself anxiety attacks!

So Sundays are craft days for me, and this past Sunday, I made a binder in which to put all his letters:

First, I photocopy all the letters (color looks way better than B&W, even if he writes w/ black pen, by the way) and hole-punch them, put in the binder with a divider between the different letters and put the originals back in their envelopes.

I made my own dividers out of construction paper and labels. I used lime green and lemon yellow colored paper, alternating between the two. I took shipping labels in the neon color and folded them to look like tabs, then numbered them. The blue-grey paper on the top is just my cover sheet. It’s blank and just for looks!

Then, I numbered all the letters with these little circular labels and green sharpie. I thought it was cuter to have the circles, rather than write directly on the copies.

I still wanted to keep the original letters close, so I took a plastic sheet cover and put all the letters in it, then folded it over so they weren’t all flopping around, and sealed it with one of the labels I used for the tabs.

When that was all finished, I made a cute cover to decorate the outside and the binding. I attached a ribbon with the binding, just in case I ever wanted to take it out, because it’s impossible to get paper out of that little space! And it’s cute!

Voila! My binder of Letters from the MTC! It’ll be a great memory. I especially love it because the letters are all copied. It makes it so I’m not always fiddling with the originals (but they’re still there). It’s nice since the letters come all folded and creased, but this way, they’re just flat and easy to flip through and read all at once!

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