E.L.F. Package (!!)

Guess who got her makeup today! Yay!

You can click this photo to see it larger if you want. I don’t normally do that with my photos. Keep scrolling for a delicious photo sampler of the makeup! More to come by the end of the week–I’m hoping to maybe even get a video. I’m in LOVE.

ELF Liquid Eyeliner in Cobalt (4214) and Black (4203). These are only lining the top lash.
ELF Barely Bitten (6705) and Natural Nymph (67151) Lipsticks
ELF Body Shimmer in Golden Glow (86614), Cosmic Coral (86612) and Mystic Moonlight (86611)
ELF Cream Eyeliner in Gunmetal (81157 – lining the bottom lash on bottom left eye) and Black (81160 – lining the bottom lash on top right eye)
ELF Eye Primer in Sheer (7501) and Golden (7504)
ELF Natural Lash Kit in Black (1713). I’m still awful at putting on these. I’ll get better and report back!
ELF Hollywood False Lashes Kit (86001)
ELF Purple Trio Nail Polish (1529)
ELF Dramatic Eyes Kit (35028)

It was so exciting to get this package! I hope you like the photos and remember to come back later this week sometime for a video.

Both my eyes had different makeup on, teehee!

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E.L.F. Order!

A mini-update because I just ordered some make-up on E.L.F. and I CAN’T WAIT to get it! They’re have a 50% off sale for some of their makeup. Let’s just say I got a $50 order half off!!

So excited! Below is a list of what I purchased. I’ve been needing new makeup, but some of this is also for the Halloween costume upon which I’ve already decided. More about that on Monday! Hope the weekend’s going well!

You can search any of these product numbers on the E.L.F. website (http://eyeslipsface.com) and it’ll pull up all the colors and versions of the product.

Keep up-to-date on my new postings by following me on Twitter. You can also contact me through my website here, or send me a message to my Facebook. Thank you!

Goodnight Summer

Summer is drawing to a close and as such, I wanted to give a kind of tribute to the bronzes and light colors that I’ve used on many a weekend trip.

Here I used my E.L.F. Sassy, Earthy and Chestnut eye shadows and lined the top lid with a pink/brown liquid eyeliner from Almay. The bottom lid is lined with the Sassy eye shadow. Lips are Body Shop & E.L.F. lip balm (with a Burt’s Bees base, of course.)

E.L.F. Makeup Review

Summary: Buy it. Buy it all.

A couple months ago, my friend from work introduced me to E.L.F. makeup. She told me how inexpensive their makeup is, yet how wonderfully it works. Never one to not try things, I bought a couple of the basic things and some of their eye shadows. I can tell you I used to use bareMinerals and I am now converted.

The brushes are soft, the makeup makes my skin feel nice–it stays on all day and I can say that since I bought it in May, I haven’t stopped using this!

They had a sale going for 10 free eye shadows, so I ordered quite a few. I have to say, however, I only use Glamorous on a frequent basis. I don’t really use a lot of eye shadow. I also purchased just a matte pink, black and chestnut from their studio line, which I do use daily to make sure my eyelids don’t look vein-y or oily.
This is how I wear the Glamorous and the Muted Mauve eye shadows (eyeliner is from their studio line)! I would definitely say I love the brand. It’s inexpensive, but performs just as well as the more known brands. I also bought a pair of their tweezers (absolutely amazing, I mean, better than Tweezerman’s $25 tweezers and they’re only $1!) I also bought some of their nail polish (the mint color is in my header photo!), hand lotion, hand sanitizer, nail polish remover pads, foundation wedges, nail filers, brow brush and compact mirror–all with NO complaints whatsoever!! Yay!