Birthstone Rings & Why I Love Them.


Birthstones tend to be on the same category for me as Zodiac signs: made up by someone at some point and now it’s a huge market.

Even though I know this…I still fell prey to the market. But you know what!? They can take my money because now I look at these rings and like them anyway, despite their made up origins, for these reasons:

  1. Emeralds and pearls are pretty together (thank you, birthstone maker-uppers for not giving me something ridiculously expensive that I could never afford a real one–sorry, Aprils)
  2. They’re genuine, which makes me feel like they’re worth more than they are. Plus, who doesn’t like wearing real, semi-precious gemstones? People are all about diamonds these days, but gemstones are cool too.
  3. The raw look of them makes them feel sort of vintage-y and more real. The super polished glassy look of gemstones makes me feel like they’re fake for some reason.
  4. Because I look at them and it makes me think about Jared and me and how we’re married and how that’s still really new and neat for me.


Run-on sentences aside, I think that things have meaning if you let them. And, against my best rational mind, I have put meaning into these birthstones. I wear them pretty much every day, and I love looking at them. They mean more to me every day, and that’s really what makes them so fun and special.

Honestly, I think I may go crazy and buy pearl/emerald jewelry forever (I’ve always liked pearls though).

If a non-believer like me can love and find meaning in birthstones, then anyone can. Especially if they’re pretty. Which is why they’re great gifts. I got these two rings from Etsy, which is also one of my new obsessions. I got silver plated (but I wish I would’ve gotten sterling silver, because they’re already starting to tarnish). The shop in general has a lot of really cute stuff, like druzy jewelry.

Have you heard of druzy? It’s like the newest craze in jewelry. It just means the stuff in crystals that make them look shiny, but oh man, I’m in love. Why is it so pretty? Anyway, you should look it up, especially as gift season approaches!

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I’m not a huge jewelry person. I usually don’t wear it at all. When I was younger, I wore the biggest, most flashy jewelry I could find. I’m glad I’m over that. Above is a set I bought from Charlotte Russe. Usually, their jewelry seems cheap to me, but I actually liked these pieces.

I have a couple more bracelets that I love so much, I just may get back into the habit of wearing jewelry again.

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Monday With Maria DIY: Wedding!

I know I missed my weekly DIY post last week, but it was because my big sister was got married! The wedding was in North Carolina and everything was absolutely wonderful.

Weddings can be so extremely expensive. However, with my DIY state of mind, my family and I managed to do a lot of projects ourselves. This way, my sister could have exactly what she wanted and we saved some big bucks!

Here are some pictures of the items that were DIY:

Here is the card basket. The colors for the wedding were shades of navy and royal blue. We had this basket sitting in our attic, so I just wrapped some ribbon around it and made a pretty bow for the side.

The next challenge was the Matron of Honor’s bouquet. It sounds complicated to do, but it was very simple. We used mostly silk flowers for the wedding because real flowers do cost a lot of money.

All you have to do is arrange the flowers in the order you think is best, secure with floral tape, and wrap some pretty ribbon around it.

This turned out to be so pretty!

My next project was a boutonniere. Just like the bouquet, arrange the flowers in whatever order you like, add some greenery and babies breathe, and secure with floral tape. Then just make sure you have a pin to secure.

The programs were done by my father. He designed them and printed them off.This saved the cost of just sending it to a printing company to decide the layout, ect. This way we knew exactly how it looked before the big day and we knew that nothing would be spelled wrong.

The last thing that I did was the bridesmaid’s jewelry. My sister wanted us all to look uniform and instead of trying  to go out and find something that every girl liked, I just decided to make them!

We did a bracelet and earrings. You could make necklaces, or anything you want but because our dresses had ruffles around the neck, we figured a bracelet and earrings would look best.

Even though the DIY projects I did were small, we did do a lot of other things that were DIY. I, however, didn’t get to take many pictures because we were so busy.

To help bring down the cost of food, my mother bought a lot of the food herself. This way she knew it wasn’t gross (lol) and that we didn’t get overcharged by the caterer. We also had all the decorations for the centerpieces at home.

All these things could add up in a wedding, if you just have to pay for it all. DIY weddings are so great because you know what you’re getting and you’re not surprised if something comes back wrong or just not the way you wanted it.

Congratulation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sullivan!

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Merry Week-After-Christmas! What better way to deal with post-Christmas blues by having a dreamy giveaway? Some of my favorite jewelry are these two pieces by my friend Jess Esplin. She is extremely talented! She made that Teapot Necklace out of clay. Something else I want (but she would never sell to me) is a tea set she made to look like wood:

She likes it too much, so she won’t part from it, but I want it. Beyond belief!

The ever-talented Jess has agreed to donate a piece of jewelry for our giveaway: a hand-made Spoon Ring.

Enter to win said ring by commenting on this post! Those who have subscribed to the blog and commented will be entered twice! You don’t want to miss out on this one!

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Monday with Maria DIY: Christmas Gift

Today I will be showing you guys how to make earrings! They are so fun to make and make a great Holiday gift for all of the lovely ladies in your life.

The first thing you will need are beads! My friend Kristina generously let me use hers. You can get them at Michaels or Walmart.  Then you’ll need some sort of pliers. You can get a set of these or just use regular pliers.

You can get these at Walmart for $2.00 and there are a lot of them!

You will also need these to build the actual earring part on.

Use colors that compliment each other. There are so many combinations you can try!

After cutting off the excess metal from the earring, use the pliers to loop the top.

Then attach the pieces together.

Then you have a wonderful Holiday gift that is personalized and doesn’t break the bank!