The Second Amendment

On Saturday, I went with my sister, her husband and a few friends into the desert of Utah and shot things. It was really fun. It was pretty hot, but we brought a canopy. That combined with the shade made the trip about what it was supposed to be, shooting and driving dirt bikes.

This was especially fun for me, because up until this point, I had only ever shot hand guns. Now I can add rifles to that list! I also looked through a scope for the first time. It was cool–I felt like I was in a movie. I didn’t shoot terribly, either!

Below is a photo of where we were, and what was around us. It’s pretty cool to see such a vast area, mostly considered empty.

This was around where we were shooting. There was practically nothing out there, so we didn’t have much to shoot at. We didn’t bring cans or anything, so we had to improvise a little.

This was our target until we started hearing the bullets ricocheting off the metal. We then stopped using the tires. Around this time, I bent over to look at something with my camera around my neck and accidentally brushed the lens in a bunch of dirt. I tried to get most of it off, but excuse the spots you may continue to see.

Overall, it was definitely an awesome trip. I had so much fun. Next time (there will be a next time), I won’t put sunscreen on my arms and legs and forget my chest. That’s a fun tan line.

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