Monday With Maria: How To Shop at a Thrift Store

There is nothing better than a sale. Am I right?! There is nothing like getting an amazing piece of fashion. What makes it even sweeter getting it at an amazing price. Some of the best priced items are at local thrift stores!

I know what you’re thinking, “Ew, I don’t want to wear people’s old clothes.” But trust me,  you can find some amazing things! Today I will show you some of my thrift store finds and how to shop at a thrift store.

This is me and my friend, Kristina (On left). The black blouse I got is from Goodwill and it was only $4.99! The red accent belt I got was only $1.99! They were in such amazing shape. I paired them with a gold and pearl necklace (forever21), jeans (forever21), and gold sandals (local boutique).

This is one of my personal favorite bloggers and YouTube Beauty Gurus, DulceCandy87. She gives her tips on how to shop at thrift stores.

Here’s a list of the top things you need to remember:  How To Shop at a Thrift Store:

1. Give yourself enough time to be able to look through the store

2. Pace yourself, there are a lot of gross, old things, but there are a lot of nice things too!

3. You should probably leave bras, underwear and socks where they are 😉

4. Don’t only look in your size. Look in all sizes, and both sexes. You can easily add a belt to something that may be a couple of sizes too big.

5. Even if you don’t take home something amazing, make sure to go back! They get new things all the time.

Next Monday I will show you guys how to decorate a custom wine glass. Perfect for New Years Eve!

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