Wardrobe Essentials for Women

Here’s the thing: I have way too many clothes. I realize that. Most of us realize that, I think. My problem is that my style is starting to change. No longer do I enjoy running around in XXI clothes (or, heaven forbid, my old obsession for Charlotte Russe). Almost every time I look through my clothes, I have this overwhelming urge to throw everything I own away and start from scratch.

But how do you start from scratch? Thus started my idea to put together a list of essential pieces to buy again if I ever actually get around to starting a fresh wardrobe. Obviously, everything listed here can be altered to fit your style!

Bottoms and tops:


dark wash jeans, regular wash jeans, high-waisted black leggings (my favorite), sweat pants, pencil skirt, jean shorts, tan shorts; black tee, white tee, button-up, sweater, zip-up jacket, flannel, blazer, pea coat, hoodie.

Dresses, shoes, socks:

Wardrobe Essentials (dresses, shoes, socks)a night dress, a day dress; nude heels, black heels, brown boots, black boots, athletic shoes, day-to-day tennis shoes, ballet flats, sandals, slippers; knee socks, ankle socks, no-show socks, regular socks, tights.

Winter accessories, bags, & underwear:

Wardrobe Essentials (winter, bags, underwear)an infinity scarf, regular scarf, beanie & gloves; wallet, clutch, black bag, brown bag, overnight bag, backpack; bathing suit; thongs, regular underwear, sports bra, white/tan/black bra (with at least one with a strapless option).

So if you ask me, these are the basic building blocks to any wardrobe! Let me know if there’s a piece you can’t live without.

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Fantastic Sale. Buy, buy, buy!

To all of you fashion-loving ladies out there (and men, too), let me introduce you to my favorite online store: Asos.com

Lea Michele in Asos

See other celebs in Asos.

It’s one of my favorite stores. Perks:

  • U.K. store, U.K. fashion – guaranteed unique items no one has here!
  • Shipping to U.S. included in the prices–which range from TOTALLY REASONABLE to way freaking expensive
  • For most of their clothing, they have an option to “view runway” and see the piece actually being worn in a video!!!
  • THEY ARE HAVING A 70% OFF SALE RIGHT NOW and I’m going crazy.

Asos Sale

In my shopping cart:

Asos Burma Ring


Asos Elephant Necklace


Asos Metal Edge Clutch


..and it’s a constantly growing shopping cart. Asos has things for everyone, really. Also, if you’re a size 2 and buy this skirt, you’ll be a lucky girl. Sad it’s all sold out of my size, or I’d totally buy it in a heartbeat.

They have great prices on swimwear, too, so get started on that early! Let’s just say pink gingham is in my future…\

They have items for everyone. The daring, and the less daring…guaranteed items that no one you know will have! It’s an adventure! So, go, treat yourself!

The sale ends Monday just before midnight PST time. Don’t waste any time, but if you see this after their sale ends, it still is a great place to shop and totally worth it!!

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Monday With Maria: How To Shop at a Thrift Store

There is nothing better than a sale. Am I right?! There is nothing like getting an amazing piece of fashion. What makes it even sweeter getting it at an amazing price. Some of the best priced items are at local thrift stores!

I know what you’re thinking, “Ew, I don’t want to wear people’s old clothes.” But trust me,  you can find some amazing things! Today I will show you some of my thrift store finds and how to shop at a thrift store.

This is me and my friend, Kristina (On left). The black blouse I got is from Goodwill and it was only $4.99! The red accent belt I got was only $1.99! They were in such amazing shape. I paired them with a gold and pearl necklace (forever21), jeans (forever21), and gold sandals (local boutique).

This is one of my personal favorite bloggers and YouTube Beauty Gurus, DulceCandy87. She gives her tips on how to shop at thrift stores.

Here’s a list of the top things you need to remember:  How To Shop at a Thrift Store:

1. Give yourself enough time to be able to look through the store

2. Pace yourself, there are a lot of gross, old things, but there are a lot of nice things too!

3. You should probably leave bras, underwear and socks where they are 😉

4. Don’t only look in your size. Look in all sizes, and both sexes. You can easily add a belt to something that may be a couple of sizes too big.

5. Even if you don’t take home something amazing, make sure to go back! They get new things all the time.

Next Monday I will show you guys how to decorate a custom wine glass. Perfect for New Years Eve!

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Monday with Maria: DIY Glittery Belt

I am a very girly-girl when it comes to the way I dress. I absolutely love frilly, glittery, and bold fashion pieces. This week I will show you guys how to make a gold-glittery accent belt!

This belt was very easy to make. There are very few supplies you need: Paint brushes, glitter (any color or any size), and Mod Podge.

You will also need a belt. I got this belt at the local Good Will for only $1.99! You can also re-vamp an old belt. I chose this one because of the gold clasp. You should choose the clasp color depending on what color glitter you pick out.

Next, I took a pan and covered it in aluminum foil to avoid getting glitter everywhere.

Then, put some Mod Podge into a container. I cut the top off a coke bottle for an easy clean up. Then mix in some glitter.

Then apply to the belt. You don’t need to to put it on the inside, just the outside. Next, sprinkle the glitter all around the belt.

After the glitter dried I hung up the belt to let any extra glitter fall off. Apply one more coat of just Mod Podge to seal in the rest of the glitter. Then you’re finished!

It makes any old outfit look fabulous! Make sure to pair it up with some glittery gold heels to match and you’re ready for a night out on the town!

(I got these shoes at Charlotte Russe)

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