Nail Polish Experiments

I love doing my nails when I have nothing else to do. There was a time in my life where I did my nails every couple of days. I’ve talked before about how I have a case full of lots of nail polish, but I generally don’t use but a few of the colors. This time, I decided to just pick a color at random, and I chose this blue! Normally, I don’t like blue nail polish, but I really liked it this time.

As far as the decorated hand, I was thinking about doing multi-colored nails (ya know, bringing it back 90’s style), but I ended up playing around with it a little more and came up with these dice-nails.

Then I started thinking about Halloween and maybe trying to find a costume where I could use this style of polish as an accessory! I’ll keep you updated!

And then I discovered a tutorial for Newspaper Nails:

This is my first attempt, so it’s not as polished and clear as I’d like, but I’m pretty pleased! Here are the steps and materials needed (newspaper, nail polish, rubbing alcohol):

I decided to use the horoscope section because of the stars and nicer words; however, this doesn’t really matter because the words end up being mirrored onto the nail, so you can’t really read it anyway.

First, coat your nails with the polish. Make sure it’s completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Then, cut out nail-sized clips from the newspaper that you’d want on your nails & pour the rubbing alcohol into a small container. I used the lid to my nail polish remover (making sure to clean it out before and after).

Then, place the clipping on your nail until the alcohol soaks through and remove! I added a clear top coat to make sure they stayed as long as possible and to add shine.

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Brown Sugar Cookies and Nutella Frosting

So this Thursday is my last day of work (since I’m moving to California) and the department I work in wanted (okay–I kind of insisted) that we have a going-away little mini-party. I don’t know what it’s celebrating exactly–maybe me leaving, or maybe it’s for all the work I’ve done.

Or maybe it’s just an excuse to bring sweets, turn off the phones and do no work for an hour or so in the middle of the day!

We would do it Thursday, but one of the people in my department leaves on vacation on Wednesday (and it wouldn’t be the same without him), so we decided to have our little fête today!

I have to say, my sister did amazing work teaching me to bake. They turned out perfect (somehow) and I have her to thank! She taught me not to add the flour mixture all at once because it flies all over the place and gets on your clothes.

Well, they basically didn’t turn out that well. They were really crunchy and the frosting didn’t really taste hazelnutty as much as like cream cheese and chocolate. I guess that’s why I’m doing this blog, right? To learn about fashion, photography and food…food is the worst. Maybe it’s just Utah. Yeah, that’s it.

Wavy Beach Hair

Well, as of this Friday, I will be living in California! Since it’s such a different place, I wanted to make sure I fit in–I decided I would try the beach wave! I just took a straightener and waved my hair, then put some hairspray to make it more defined and less frizzy and all over the place. I think it’s a success!

I’m hoping this will help me get back into the habit of doing my hair. All too often do I just let it go natural or just throw it in a braid. I’ll be excited to be in the sunny L.A. and livin’ the dream!

Photo Coloring

I love learning new tricks with photography! I don’t go looking for them, though, so when I find them, they’re even more of a treasure. When I’m at work and get tired of fbk and my other normal websites, I go to and it takes me to wonderful sites to help me pass time. Recently, I saw a tutorial on how to color black & white pictures. And I had time, so I wanted to try it.

So I used layers and airbrush and it wasn’t very hard!