Two-Week Vegan Challenge {Day I}

See yeterday’s introduction to the Vegan Challenge


Breakfast – 10:00 am

Oatmeal with fresh bananas and a glass of OJ. When I finished eating, I felt very satisfied. Yum. Who knew veganism includes foods I already love to eat.


Lunch – 2:00 PM

Kneaders Veggie Avocado Sandwich (no cheese or mayo/sauce), unsweetened applesauce, and a handful of almonds.

I have a lot of fresh avocados at the house, so I was going to make an avocado/tomato sandwich similar to the ones I survived off of when I lived in California. I was looking at the ingredients in the only bread I have–lo and behold, it was sweetened with honey! I packed myself an avocado anyway, as well as a cup of unsweetened applesauce and a serving of plain almonds. I knew it wasn’t going to be enough to hold me over all day, so I decided to see what vegan options I could get at fast food places.


Kneaders, which is a bakery and cafe that runs along what I call the Mormon Belt (Idaho, Utah, and Arizona), has a veggie sandwich that I thought I’d try out. It was just under $5 for a 1/2 sandwich. I have to admit, I thought it looked underwhelming and like it was going to be incredibly unsatisfying, especially since I couldn’t get it with cheese or their “Kneaders Sauce,” which she was nice enough to inform me contains mayo.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was filling and delicious! The whole lunch was super nutritious and I didn’t feel it lacked anything.

Dinner – 7:30 pm

At around 4 pm, I felt like I had no energy and was exhausted. At 7, when I left work, I was completely worn out. I definitely don’t usually get this way. There are a few different possible reasons, but I made sure to get a big dose of protein for dinner just in case. I didn’t get home until really late, so I decided to forego a big dinner. Instead, I made a bean burrito with rice. I don’t know if it was because my body was craving protein or what, but it tasted better than the average bean burrito.

It was around this time I realized I can’t eat chocolate…or take my usual vitamins! I went to take my women’s health vitamin this morning, but there were way too many animal byproducts (gummy vitamins), so I had to settle with a calcium/magnesium/zinc vitamin pill instead.

daily nutrition report

I’m keeping track of the food I eat. It’s on a very helpful website that tells me how good for me each food item is.

I’ve used this site before, and a normal day for me has an average B+ rating, with a calorie distribution of:

  • 32.7% fat
  • 14.8 % protein
  • 50.7% carbs, and
  • 1.8% other (like vitamins).

Based on generic USDA values, I generally have too little fiber (15g out of 25g), calcium (.56g / 1g), potassium (1.4g / 4.7g), and iron (9.8g / 18g).

Today’s report gives an A rating for the day, with a calorie distribution of:

  • 27.2% fat
  • 9.9% protein
  • 61.7% carbs, and
  • 1.3% other.

Based on the USDA values, I didn’t get enough Vitamin A, potassium (1.9g / 4.7g), or iron (11g / 18g).


I didn’t have time for the gym tonight, but I feel too tired to go anyway. It’s only 8pm, so I’m not sure if that’s the diet talking or other factors; however, I did get “in the green” with all my nutrients for the USDA recommended values. That’s a success. Tomorrow, I’m going to pack higher protein snacks to eat between meals, because when I got hungry, all I could think about were some nice, juicy chicken nuggets.

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Healthy Vegetarian Lunch

I’m not a vegetarian, but lately, the thought of meat (especially red meat) has made me a little nauseous. Today, I decided to have some of my favorite little bits for lunch. Then I took pictures and thought I’d share on here. You’re welcome…

Tell me that doesn’t just look delicious! Yum! Now one by one:

Blueberries are some of my favorite fruits. I used to really not like them when I was younger, but now I feel like I could eat anything blueberry related and have it instantly become a favorite. Did you know the serving size for blueberries is one whole cup?! A WHOLE CUP OF BLUEBERRIES! That’s so many. I usually just get a handful, I don’t think I could have eaten a whole cup.

Okay, I have a confession–I’m a honey-snob. I know, I know, what kind of thing is that to be picky about? Let’s just say if you grew up with a certain kind of honey that your grandfather got from his bees in California, you would look at that bear-shaped package of clover honey and inwardly gag too. I only spread one half with the peanut butter, because the honey is moist enough with the bananas that it all soaks into the bread and makes it taste amazing. Also, someone told me once that even though peanut butter has good things in it, the fat content is so high that it’s rarely worth it. I love peanut butter too much to give it up though.

On the bread–it’s homemade, hearty goodness. There’s just something about a denser loaf of bread that just makes me feel happy inside.

I love granola! This is from Bear Naked Fit, it’s their vanilla almond crunch natural granola. It’s so yummy. I have to admit, I sometimes just pick out the almonds. That’s why there’s only one in the photo. It’s the only one I could find in the bag. So a serving of this is 1/4 cup. I didn’t measure it out, but I’m sure this is pretty close. It’s really good. Perfect to snack on, too.

Technically, the serving size for these is 2 cookies, BUT! anyone that knows me knows I love chocolate + coconut, and there’s no way I’m only eating two of these. So I splurge, whatever.

It’s funny, I started out today planning on doing a vlog update about my first day of fall semester, but there were so many people around at the school that I couldn’t find a single place to record it where there weren’t other people to disturb. I should just walk the halls, holding and talking to my camera and see how many looks I get. Honestly, there are so many people that I almost wouldn’t be surprised if no one noticed… the next Project Good is probably going to be finished this weekend. If you missed the first one, here it is. Keep submitting!

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