Birthstone Rings & Why I Love Them.


Birthstones tend to be on the same category for me as Zodiac signs: made up by someone at some point and now it’s a huge market.

Even though I know this…I still fell prey to the market. But you know what!? They can take my money because now I look at these rings and like them anyway, despite their made up origins, for these reasons:

  1. Emeralds and pearls are pretty together (thank you, birthstone maker-uppers for not giving me something ridiculously expensive that I could never afford a real one–sorry, Aprils)
  2. They’re genuine, which makes me feel like they’re worth more than they are. Plus, who doesn’t like wearing real, semi-precious gemstones? People are all about diamonds these days, but gemstones are cool too.
  3. The raw look of them makes them feel sort of vintage-y and more real. The super polished glassy look of gemstones makes me feel like they’re fake for some reason.
  4. Because I look at them and it makes me think about Jared and me and how we’re married and how that’s still really new and neat for me.


Run-on sentences aside, I think that things have meaning if you let them. And, against my best rational mind, I have put meaning into these birthstones. I wear them pretty much every day, and I love looking at them. They mean more to me every day, and that’s really what makes them so fun and special.

Honestly, I think I may go crazy and buy pearl/emerald jewelry forever (I’ve always liked pearls though).

If a non-believer like me can love and find meaning in birthstones, then anyone can. Especially if they’re pretty. Which is why they’re great gifts. I got these two rings from Etsy, which is also one of my new obsessions. I got silver plated (but I wish I would’ve gotten sterling silver, because they’re already starting to tarnish). The shop in general has a lot of really cute stuff, like druzy jewelry.

Have you heard of druzy? It’s like the newest craze in jewelry. It just means the stuff in crystals that make them look shiny, but oh man, I’m in love. Why is it so pretty? Anyway, you should look it up, especially as gift season approaches!

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Fantastic Sale. Buy, buy, buy!

To all of you fashion-loving ladies out there (and men, too), let me introduce you to my favorite online store:

Lea Michele in Asos

See other celebs in Asos.

It’s one of my favorite stores. Perks:

  • U.K. store, U.K. fashion – guaranteed unique items no one has here!
  • Shipping to U.S. included in the prices–which range from TOTALLY REASONABLE to way freaking expensive
  • For most of their clothing, they have an option to “view runway” and see the piece actually being worn in a video!!!
  • THEY ARE HAVING A 70% OFF SALE RIGHT NOW and I’m going crazy.

Asos Sale

In my shopping cart:

Asos Burma Ring


Asos Elephant Necklace


Asos Metal Edge Clutch


..and it’s a constantly growing shopping cart. Asos has things for everyone, really. Also, if you’re a size 2 and buy this skirt, you’ll be a lucky girl. Sad it’s all sold out of my size, or I’d totally buy it in a heartbeat.

They have great prices on swimwear, too, so get started on that early! Let’s just say pink gingham is in my future…\

They have items for everyone. The daring, and the less daring…guaranteed items that no one you know will have! It’s an adventure! So, go, treat yourself!

The sale ends Monday just before midnight PST time. Don’t waste any time, but if you see this after their sale ends, it still is a great place to shop and totally worth it!!

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