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  1. About your relationship manual. Brava!! I am 50ish and found my true love at 46. I was married at 19 to a human wasteland. He was every kind of abusive and an addict. But I saw a gifted musician, All State, top of his instrument, first chair in college his freshman year. Truly gifted, I stayed in the relationship far too long the damage to myself and my children have ramifications thirty years later. I left him after a tumultuous on again off again 9 years. Ladies out there it was 9 years too long!!

    My current husband looks at me like its Christmas every day. And I see him and still want to run into his arms.
    I have two additions to your reading list. The first is for anyone who is in a bad relationship, or has ever been “Women Who Love Too Much” by Robin Norwood. This book saved my life and my four kids lives. Second is for those looking for love in their current relationship/marriage or as they are looking for their first real relationship. “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. It explains how different people demonstrate and receive love differently. Identifying your own language will help you find people who speak it. And being aware of the other languages will help you identify how someone needs to be loved. Both life altering books!!

    Thank you.


    1. i can relate to u especially when it comes to the children. how do u just walk away? im trying vry hard, its scary, hurtful, and seems like i wont find anyone else. im 43 and need to hve peace love happines for me and my boys and granddaughter, why??? i ask myself, why. 23 yrs of abuse!!!


  2. First … thank you so much for the “Follow”! I hope you find some good recipes. Your blog is great – and this pizza sounds heavenly!! That is a perfect match – gorgonzola and pear – thanks for posting! 🙂


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