LOVE WEEK: Singles’ Awareness Day Party Perfection

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Singles Awareness Day party ideas

If you’re like me and single for the first Valentine’s Day in 3 years, you definitely want to have a relaxed time for once. This week, I’m co-hosting one and attending another S. A. D. party (co-ed winkywinky), and I thought I’d share my ideas on how to throw the best Singles’ Party with you and your similarly single lady friends OF ALL TIME:

  1. Environment/Decor: Pick some awesome single playlists [herehere] and play that background music!
  2. Food: Lots of strawberries and chocolate and popcorn. Cute recipes here, here, and here.
  3. Activities: Chick-flicks of course! (He’s Just Not That Into You, Mona Lisa Smile, etc)
  4. Activities: Heart-attack someone you all know
  5. Activities: board games/party games (Never have I ever…, other icebreakers)
  6. Activities: photo-booths are super fun

MOSTLY, just try to have a good time! Be happy!! Instead of wasting time with a boy you probably won’t end up with–you could be creating lasting bonds with women-folk.

After the boys-and-girls singles’ party I go to this weekend, I’ll let you know what we did and how great it turned out to be. Being single can be so fun.

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Snowy Farewell


Yesterday afternoon my family and I went and dropped off my cousin at the MTC. This picture is of me, him, and my mother. It was really bittersweet because this kid and his brother are the closest things I’ve had to a brother. I love them dearly and am excited to hear about all of his adventures in Chile over the next two years.


What a good-looking kid. He’ll be great. Now to write him his first letter! I told him I’d write him every day and he looked at me and said, “don’t you think that’s a little much?” And here I was, trying to be nice, thought he’d be happy–so I said I’d write him once a year instead. One down, one to go!


Obviously, I’m really spiritual and write only about the important things. Plus, you know something is cool when the edges are all singed. Helpful hint: do the singing outside because now my room smells like burning paper. I’m going to include the above two pictures for him. Even though this just seems like a confusing thing to send to anyone, especially that little temporary tattoo, it’s exactly the kind of random that is my relationship with my family. My hoped-for reaction would be that he would give his goofy laugh and that all his MTC friends would just be really confused. Next week I’m going to send him a pink & glittery letter to hopefully embarrass him. MWAHAHA.

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A Binder of Letters

I’m very lucky that while my boy is in the MTC, we can send and receive letters same day. Since I live on the same street as the MTC. I actually drive past it on my way to and from work. Yes, I’m always hoping I see him, but I never do. I can’t wait until he goes to France so I can stop giving myself anxiety attacks!

So Sundays are craft days for me, and this past Sunday, I made a binder in which to put all his letters:

First, I photocopy all the letters (color looks way better than B&W, even if he writes w/ black pen, by the way) and hole-punch them, put in the binder with a divider between the different letters and put the originals back in their envelopes.

I made my own dividers out of construction paper and labels. I used lime green and lemon yellow colored paper, alternating between the two. I took shipping labels in the neon color and folded them to look like tabs, then numbered them. The blue-grey paper on the top is just my cover sheet. It’s blank and just for looks!

Then, I numbered all the letters with these little circular labels and green sharpie. I thought it was cuter to have the circles, rather than write directly on the copies.

I still wanted to keep the original letters close, so I took a plastic sheet cover and put all the letters in it, then folded it over so they weren’t all flopping around, and sealed it with one of the labels I used for the tabs.

When that was all finished, I made a cute cover to decorate the outside and the binding. I attached a ribbon with the binding, just in case I ever wanted to take it out, because it’s impossible to get paper out of that little space! And it’s cute!

Voila! My binder of Letters from the MTC! It’ll be a great memory. I especially love it because the letters are all copied. It makes it so I’m not always fiddling with the originals (but they’re still there). It’s nice since the letters come all folded and creased, but this way, they’re just flat and easy to flip through and read all at once!

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A Package

Sundays have become Craft Sundays for me, mostly because I don’t ever feel like I have very much to do on Sundays. I have a boyfriend on a mission for my Church, so I sent him a package on Friday. I put such cute stuff in it! At least, I think I did. I used all neon colors and frankly, it hurts the eyes to look at, but I’m hoping he enjoyed it!

The best thing about being in the same city as the MTC (where he currently is) is that I can get packages to him same day, no matter the size, for $2. It’s very convenient. I can obviously also get letters to him same day. They don’t even charge postage, how COOL.

Well, I’m off to send him a letter and tonight I’ll be doing more things to make him another package! Yay, craftiness!

Little tiny quotes that he can insert into his journal or put on the mirror, or do whatever, honestly.

Since he’ll be serving in France, I wrote up the Articles of Faith (the basic beliefs of our Church) in french, then put a pretty bow on it.

The whole thing, packed and stuffed to the top, right before I sealed it and sent it!

The contents! It was fun to put together! AH! I hope he liked it! I hope I get a letter today…

I honestly don’t know how I can keep this up for another 24 months without a breakdown of some kind…

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The Importance of a Good Man

Surprise! I’m making this into a book. See details here.

Leave a comment after you read the book and tell me what you think!

A few months ago, one of my very best friends gave me a copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You.” I had seen the movie, but never read the book. I love the movie! I still think every girl should see it, but after reading the book cover to cover in just an hour or so (granted, it’s only 80pgs) and highlighting the heck out of it, I’ve decided that every human–especially women–should either read the book or be exposed to the things it teaches.

At the time, I was just getting over dating who I like to refer to as my Evil Ex. It helped confirm to me exactly the kind of person he was (and probably still is), but I couldn’t help but wish I had read it years earlier. 

Recent circumstances allowed me to think of the book again, so I went through and picked out all the qualities listed in the book that have become my new standard. Instead of helping me get over an ex, I read it with the mindset of appreciating and being able to recognize the type of man that I will one day spend my life with.

It also occurred to me that this might be useful to some of you.

I made it all into a pretty book, extremely convenient for you to download, print and make into a little cheat sheet of your own! I’m not saying that these are the end-all, be-all of standards, but they are mine and maybe it wouldn’t be bad if they were yours too.


EDIT: This was written at a very specific time in my life, as is discussed above. I’ve posted a response and explanation for the contents of this book 9 months after this, which you can (and should) follow up with here.

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Monday With Maria DIY: Tank Top

If you haven’t checked out Pinterest, you must! It’s awesome! This week’s post is inspired by the picture above. Now my shirt doesn’t look quiet as fabulous but I figure it would with practice.

I am using one of my boyfriend’s old T-shirts and a ribbon that was laying around my house. That’s really all you need!

If you outline your shirt, it makes cutting it easier.

I love DIY projects that are simple and easy. This shirt was both. Sorry I’ve been so MIA these past few weeks, I have been super busy with work and school. But I promise no more excuses 🙂

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Monday with Maria DIY: Organic Facial Scrub

I want to start out by saying Happy 21st Birthday to my big sister Andrea! She recently got married to my now brother-in-law, Mike. You can read about their wedding here!

Today I will be showing you all how to make an organic facial scrub. When I look at all the face washes in the store, there are so many ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. With this facial scrub, you know exactly what you’re putting on your face. You only need three things:

1. A Lemon or lemon juice: It smooths skin, clears up acne, helps with oiliness, and fades scars and dark spots. It also helps remove dead skin cells to make your skin look more radiant.

2. Sugar: It is best to use organic sugar. Whatever you put on your skin is going to get absorbed since it is your largest organ. It is also good to help soften your skin and works as an exfoliant.

3. Cotton balls

Then you’re finished! This is so simple and very inexpensive. Make sure to come  back every Monday for a new Do It Yourself blog. Also, If you have any requests, feel free to email me!

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Monday With Maria DIY: Wedding!

I know I missed my weekly DIY post last week, but it was because my big sister was got married! The wedding was in North Carolina and everything was absolutely wonderful.

Weddings can be so extremely expensive. However, with my DIY state of mind, my family and I managed to do a lot of projects ourselves. This way, my sister could have exactly what she wanted and we saved some big bucks!

Here are some pictures of the items that were DIY:

Here is the card basket. The colors for the wedding were shades of navy and royal blue. We had this basket sitting in our attic, so I just wrapped some ribbon around it and made a pretty bow for the side.

The next challenge was the Matron of Honor’s bouquet. It sounds complicated to do, but it was very simple. We used mostly silk flowers for the wedding because real flowers do cost a lot of money.

All you have to do is arrange the flowers in the order you think is best, secure with floral tape, and wrap some pretty ribbon around it.

This turned out to be so pretty!

My next project was a boutonniere. Just like the bouquet, arrange the flowers in whatever order you like, add some greenery and babies breathe, and secure with floral tape. Then just make sure you have a pin to secure.

The programs were done by my father. He designed them and printed them off.This saved the cost of just sending it to a printing company to decide the layout, ect. This way we knew exactly how it looked before the big day and we knew that nothing would be spelled wrong.

The last thing that I did was the bridesmaid’s jewelry. My sister wanted us all to look uniform and instead of trying  to go out and find something that every girl liked, I just decided to make them!

We did a bracelet and earrings. You could make necklaces, or anything you want but because our dresses had ruffles around the neck, we figured a bracelet and earrings would look best.

Even though the DIY projects I did were small, we did do a lot of other things that were DIY. I, however, didn’t get to take many pictures because we were so busy.

To help bring down the cost of food, my mother bought a lot of the food herself. This way she knew it wasn’t gross (lol) and that we didn’t get overcharged by the caterer. We also had all the decorations for the centerpieces at home.

All these things could add up in a wedding, if you just have to pay for it all. DIY weddings are so great because you know what you’re getting and you’re not surprised if something comes back wrong or just not the way you wanted it.

Congratulation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sullivan!

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Monday with Maria DIY: Braided Shirt

My new obsession is Pinterest. If you haven’t heard about it, you need to go check it out! I found this while searching DIY projects. It was originally posted by Welcome to the gOOD life. It’s this amazingly cute braided shirt. So many times I go into my closet and find things that I don’t use anymore. One of my new years resolutions is to revamp old clothing instead of just giving it away and buying new clothes.

I found an old blue shirt in my give-away pile that I wanted to try this style on. It was extremely simple and took no time at all.

The supplies you need are:

A shirt (crew or V-neck)


Sewing or fabric glue

Something to hold onto fabric while you braid it (safety pin or clip)

I am using a regular crew cut t-shirt. It would make it easier to just use a V-neck. However, if you don’t have an extra one laying around, you can make a V-neck like I did.

 You just fold the shirt in half and cut directly down. You can cut however low you want. Then cut outward toward the neckline to open it up.

Then cut the bottom off of the shirt to make the braid.

 Then cut the bottom half of the shirt into three peices and secure.

Then secure the braid on the shirt with fabric glue or you can sew it on, which ever one works for you.

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Homemade Lip Exfoliant

I know Maria is usually the DIYer, but I saw this adorable idea on Pinterest and had to try it out! I also had a Bridal Shower to go to and I figured it’d be a cute gift! So I made it–and then tried it out, and then wrapped it up all nice. Voila!

1 part Brown Sugar

1 part Olive Oil

1 part Honey

Mix and enjoy! Although I added more brown sugar and if I had to redo the recipe, I’d add a little less olive oil.

For the container, I used an empty ELF Nail Polish Remover (obviously sanitized) holder. I was/am pretty proud of myself.

Monday with Maria DIY: Make-up Brush Cleanser

The biggest staple of a make-up collection for a girl are her brushes. Even if you’re not a “beauty guru,” brushes are a must. Think of it this way, it’s like telling Picasso to paint a great work of art with a kindergartners paint brush.

Brush cleansers can run anywhere from $13-$50 depending on the brand. Today I will show you how to make your own make-up brush cleanser. Now you may not think that you need it, but it is actually really gross how much dirt and bacteria are in your make-up brushes.

These are the supplies you need:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the soap will dry out the brushes by itself, the oil will allow the moisture to be restored in the brushes

Any antibacterial soap: this is to kill any bacteria on the brushes

This is the brush I use the most. It is the e.l.f. professional Total Face Brush. I use it for my powder as well as bronzer. It is a fantastic brush!

First put the antibacterial soap on a plate.

Then add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Start swirling the brush around in the soap and oil mixture. Sadly, the discoloration isn’t from the brown brush, but rather the dirt and caked in make-up. Gross!

Then rinse!

When you leave it to dry, hang it upside down. You don’t want any water getting into the shaft of the brush because it will cause the glue to loosen and the hairs to fall out.

When you use your make-up brushes, which I do every day, the make-up and bacteria from the day before is re-applied  to your face over and over again.

With the New Year just starting it’s good to start fresh with some clean brushes and a clean face!

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Monday with Maria DIY: Christmas Gift

Today I will be showing you guys how to make earrings! They are so fun to make and make a great Holiday gift for all of the lovely ladies in your life.

The first thing you will need are beads! My friend Kristina generously let me use hers. You can get them at Michaels or Walmart.  Then you’ll need some sort of pliers. You can get a set of these or just use regular pliers.

You can get these at Walmart for $2.00 and there are a lot of them!

You will also need these to build the actual earring part on.

Use colors that compliment each other. There are so many combinations you can try!

After cutting off the excess metal from the earring, use the pliers to loop the top.

Then attach the pieces together.

Then you have a wonderful Holiday gift that is personalized and doesn’t break the bank!

Monday with Maria: DIY Glittery Belt

I am a very girly-girl when it comes to the way I dress. I absolutely love frilly, glittery, and bold fashion pieces. This week I will show you guys how to make a gold-glittery accent belt!

This belt was very easy to make. There are very few supplies you need: Paint brushes, glitter (any color or any size), and Mod Podge.

You will also need a belt. I got this belt at the local Good Will for only $1.99! You can also re-vamp an old belt. I chose this one because of the gold clasp. You should choose the clasp color depending on what color glitter you pick out.

Next, I took a pan and covered it in aluminum foil to avoid getting glitter everywhere.

Then, put some Mod Podge into a container. I cut the top off a coke bottle for an easy clean up. Then mix in some glitter.

Then apply to the belt. You don’t need to to put it on the inside, just the outside. Next, sprinkle the glitter all around the belt.

After the glitter dried I hung up the belt to let any extra glitter fall off. Apply one more coat of just Mod Podge to seal in the rest of the glitter. Then you’re finished!

It makes any old outfit look fabulous! Make sure to pair it up with some glittery gold heels to match and you’re ready for a night out on the town!

(I got these shoes at Charlotte Russe)

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Homemade Nail Polish and Sneak Peek at the Grand Prize for the Contest/Giveaway!

 When I’m not feeling in a good mood, or even if I’m bored, I paint my nails. Lately, I’ve been really into it. I like seeing which colors are popular for the different seasons. This season, gold is in! (If you’re looking for the Sneak Peak at the Grand Prize for the Contest/Giveaway, scroll down!)

I have been really into gold, glittery things this fall. Including my new shoes, my new jacket, and now my new nail polish. There was a picture on Pinterest (my new obssession) and it was nail polish that had big chunks of glitter in it–it was adorable! I usually get my nail polish at Walmart or a drug store. For some reason, I could not find a glittery/sparkly nail polish that I really like. With my DIY mindset, I decided to make some gold nail polish!

I decided that I wanted my ring finger to have the accent color. I painted all my other fingers 204 West Village by NYC. It’s a really pretty color. It looks like a dark blue, but in the light it has hints of purple. (I got it at Walmart for less than $2)

Then take any clear nail polish, I’m using 271 Clear by NYC, and any gold glitter.

Next, put some glitter in a small container and pour in a little clear nail polish. Then apply! You can apply it like I did to an accent nail or to every nail!

Make sure to check out the Do-It-Yourself project I did on Monday, here!

Yesterday we announced a Contest/Giveaway! If you didn’t know, check out the details of how to enter here.

And now I will give you all a very special Sneak Peek into what the brand that the Grand Prize will be!

Drum roll……….

Yay! We won’t tell you what the Grand Prize is just yet, but it is fom Urban Decay! Urban Decay is such a wonderful brand and has so many quality products. The one lucky Grand Prize winner will absolutely love what their prize is!

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Introducing Monday with Maria!

Hi Lollies, meet Maria! She and I went to high school together, but she’s also extremely talented and very creative. Bookmark us now, because Maria will be giving us our weekly dose of “Do It Yourself” (perfect for the Holiday season) all the way from Florida as a permanent contributor to Lace Lollipops!

What girl doesn’t like a nice pair of flats that go with everything and that are comfortable too? It was Coco Chanel that said every girl should be classy and fabulous. But at what price should that be? I think every girl should be classy and fabulous without having to pay hundreds of dollars for it! I hate it when I find a cute piece on the runway and it’s hundreds or even thousands of dollars! What makes me even more frustrated is when I try to find it at a cheaper price and it’s nowhere to be found. That’s when I figured that I could just make things myself! I mean who knows you better than you?! Do-it-yourself projects let you be hands-on with your fashion and let you be creative by implementing what you like into what you’re going to wear.

I have always loved Chanel, but on a college student budget, I could never afford something so expensive, even a pair of flats. These retail for about $396.00 and even replicas cost $132.00! That’s my gas money for almost 2 months! However, I found a way to get shoes like these for almost next to nothing: I made them for under $15!

The first thing you need is a black pair of flats. You can buy some, or if you want to spruce up a plain black pair you already have, that works even better!

I got these from Walmart and they were only $7.00!

Then you’ll need white ribbon and some sort of decorative pendant, like the signature Chanel sign.

The most tedious task is making the bows. The easiest way I found is after you cut the ribbon as long as you want, staple it in the middle to make 2 loops. Like the shoes, the ones I made have 6 loops. Then, once you have the loops in place, put another strand of ribbon across all of the loops to tie them together.

Tie the back of the piece of ribbon and secure the knot with glue.

You can use a glue gun, but I am using Krazy Glue.

The pendant that I’m using is actually a button. I cut the back off and then glued it to the middle loop of the bow toward the outside, just like the Chanel shoes.

Then secure both bows on the shoes.

I got all of my supplies at Walmart.

Shoes: $7.00

Ribbon: $1.97

Buttons: $1.32

Krazy Glue: $2.57

So for a total of $12.86, you can get a fabulous new pair of flats!

Post by Maria. Email her at See more of her next Monday, December 5th! Until then, learn more about her here.

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