The Beginning

I was sitting on my bed in one of my very favorite shirts (a comfy crop from Charlotte Russe) when I decided I needed a blog. I already had one, but this time–I needed a real one! I had decided that I wanted to work in the social media feild when I graduated college, so I started following a handful of blogs in fashion, food, music and television. The more I looked at the blogs, the more I was convinced that I needed one too! So I sat in my bed and thought really hard about what kind of blog I wanted.

  • I got my first digital SLR camera when I was 16 and had been inseparable from it since, so photography.
  • I love putting outfits together and being creative, so fashion.
  • I thought maybe I should educate myself a little more and try to be a well-rounded, cultured individual, so food.

All three of the topics on which my blog is centered are things which I am not at all an expert–I’d consider myself a hobbyist at best! I’m hoping to learn and grow in these areas and become a more creative individual.

Maybe in a year or two, I’ll look back at my posts from the year previous and say “Wow, look how much I’ve grown!”

Keep up-to-date on my new postings by following me on Twitter. You can also contact me through my website here, email me at, or send me a message to my Facebook. Thank you!

Tell me what you think!

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