Lipstick Diaries pt VI – Montage

I decided posting a new post for every…single…lipstick would be tedious and annoying, so instead–a video montage!! The only problem is I didn’t write which were which on the screen because they’re out of order and some of the clips are too short. SO, The Lipstick Montage Key:

Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin

Vibrant Mandarin – #885; VERY bright and gorgeous! Difficult to differentiate between this and Neon Red (below). Mostly they’re all this one. And if it’s not this one, buy this one anyway. I really don’t like the Neon Red.

Neon Red Maybelline Vivids

Neon Red – #890; Not my favorite red, appears the least in the vid. Buy the Vibrant Mandarin instead.

Vivid Rose Maybelline Vivids

Vivid Rose #875; My FAVORITE of all of them! Super velvety, this one is the obvious pink one in the video.

Pinkpop Maybelline Vivids

Pink Pop #860; Looks really good in video. Also see my post on it here.

Brazen Berry Maybelline Vivids

Brazen Berry – #905; really pretty – my favorite shots were mostly this one.

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