New Things


I got a new Galaxy S4, which is why it’s been so long since I’ve updated the blog. I haven’t been on a desktop/laptop computer in so long, because I have basically been drowning in my new phone. The above photo was taken on the front-facing camera! Such better quality than my old phone. I just love it! The hand controls (air guestures, etc.) are basically worth it alone!

Also, Mad Men–I just started watching it on Netflix and I honestly can’t stop! It’s so good, that I wonder why I haven’t been watching it all this time.

Also, also–I went on a mini-shopping spree yesterday! I spent way more than I should’ve, but I can’t wait to show off everything I bought. Tomorrow, I start up with the photos! Shopping is such a therapeutic activity for me…until I wake up the next day and remember how much I spent…sort of like a one-night-stand.

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