Like an Animal

Animal Tank

I usually don’t wear animal prints, because I attach this stigma to them that says “cheap,” and other things that just generally surround the opposite of “classy.”

I’ve decided, though…who cares? Go a little wild, go a little crazy.

Do the things that you want to do and just be free!

I say this because recently I did something adventurous and fun and then I felt guilty for it…even though I didn’t do a single thing worth feeling guilty over. I realized that my childhood/teenage restrictions of “NOT ALLOWED” still grip me sometimes. And that made me mad!

I really wish I didn’t let the fear of “not allowed” (whether by society, or personal inhibitions) keep me from doing all the fun stuff I could be doing. So I’ve vowed to change that, because we simply just don’t know how much time we have left–and I’m tired of being so careful! Even when I did my one adventurous act of packing everything I own in the back of my car and moving to California by myself…I still was so careful. I just need to relax and enjoy life, and worry less.

Raise A Glass To What Your Future Holds

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One Comment

  1. You look great in that top! Way to go explore your wild side! I am not that adventurous, I do like bold prints though, just not animal ones! I think the only animal print item that I have in my wardrobe is a vintage Jones New York Trench 🙂 But it’s reversible, so the other side is brown and totally plain 🙂


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