The Green of Spring

Budding Tulips


Purple flowers in the rain

Spring is finally here! The tulips are budding, and it rained this morning and walking around campus smelled like plants. Spring truly is one of my favorite seasons.

I am seriously holding out hope that this weekend is going to go well. I was at the bank today and the teller said, “any plans for this weekend?” And I, in a bitter tone, immediately replied “no.” Then I remembered that I do have plans and I’m just so used to not having plans (and apparently being bitter about it), that my trained response to that question came out immediately in the negative.

Also, I helped a little earthworm back to the safety of the dirt from the sidewalk today. I felt like a child, bent down poking at a worm with a stick until it went the way I wanted it to go. Also also, I’ve been seriously contemplating chopping off my hair for a couple weeks now! I’M JUST SO NERVOUS. I probably won’t do it. I don’t know. I might…

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