A Pet Peeve

Walking apologies:

People who walk around like they’re constantly sorry you have to see them.


That person that gets up during class and has to walk out for whatever reason. They slouch, hunch their shoulders up to their ears and pull their sleeves over their wrists (or fold their arms really tightly) while they walk out, head bowed. And they make that face, like a strained smile, as if they’re trying to add humor to deflect from how uncomfortable they feel. I know you know what I’m talking about. It’s usually women, I’ve noticed, and it really bothers me!

I think they do it because they know people are looking at them and they don’t want them to. I don’t think they realize how much more obvious they make themselves when they behave that way. You know what would be better? Just walking like a normal person. When you’re body language is screaming “DON’T LOOK AT ME WALKING IN FRONT OF ALL YOU AND ALSO I’M TRYING TO LOOK REALLY SMALL BY SQUISHING MYSELF INTO AS CLOSE AS I CAN GET TO A BALL,” people are definitely going to look at you more. I mean, just go ahead and run out with a jacket over your head, we all know that’s what you’d rather do.

Walk like a normal person. Yes, people are going to look at you, because you’re getting up and walking out of something where everyone else is sitting. But whatever. Nobody sits and thinks, “that girl is such a slacker, she’s probably going to fail all the tests.” No one cares. You’re just a moving object, so we turn and look and then forget almost immediately…unless you walk out like you’re trying to sink into your turtle shell, then I wonder what you possibly could be doing to look so guilty.

Have some confidence. And stop laughing at yourself every time you say something wrong or stumble over your words. Just move on like a normal person, and PLEASE, for the love of all things, DON’T make that “blblblblblblblbl” noise when you get tongue-tied.


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