Letters to the Future

Letter to future spouse

I found this letter in one of my old journals from high school. I forgot all about it, but it was a letter I did during a church activity, just for fun. I have no recollection of what’s in the letter, but from the “to Hot Stuff,” I imagine it will be teenager gold one day.

If I remember correctly, the point is to open it after I get engaged to make sure that I’ve picked the right person, or something. It doesn’t make much sense because once you’re engaged, a letter you wrote yourself when you were like 15 is bound to contain a vastly different outlook on what kind of person you wanted to marry. I’m pretty sure my top requirement was good-looking and a sense of humor!

If only, if only, a sense of humor and good looks was enough.

Also, a thing that’s annoying, is that who knows when I’ll ever open that! I like more certain gratification, so when I started my most recent journal, I decided to write myself a letter not to be opened until I fill up every page. Since it’s like my 3rd or 4th journal, I have no doubt I’ll actually do it.

The reason I do it, is to fill the letter with things that are important to me, then see how much things have changed when I finally open it! Here’s what the letter contains:

  1. My list of Favorites (movies, books, TV shows, songs, moments, people, lessons, quotations, achievements)
  2. Important Questions & Feelings (unanswered questions, current predominant emotions, view on the world, what you enjoy about today, what are you thankful for)
  3. Goals & Aspirations (what you pursue, vision of your future life, what your looking forward to, hopes for future self, how do you want/expect to be different when you read this again)
  4. A Day in the Life… (how is everyday life, typical day at work/home/school, daily interactions, everyday habits)
  5. Highlights of the Year (what funny facts to remember, 10 best/worst things that happened, describe the year in one sentence, in one word)
  6. Advice to Myself (advice, most recent lesson you don’t want to forget)

It’s really a fun letter and I’m excited to see how much I’ve changed when I finally read it! I wrote it August 11, 2012. It’s already almost been a year and I don’t even think I’m halfway through my journal!

I encourage you to write yourself one of these letters and set a specific goal to yourself as when you can open it. Ideas:

  1. When you achieve your weightloss goal
  2. When you graduate middle/high school or college
  3. When you have your first child
  4. When you start your business…

The list goes on. Set a goal, then write a letter to yourself that you can read when you accomplish it! It’s a great motivation and reward.

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