Unhealthy Eating Behaviors and their Remedies

I just weighed myself for the first time in a year. I didn’t realize it’d been a year, but yes. It’s been almost exactly one year. I have gained almost 10 lbs since I moved back to Utah from California. 9.1lbs to be exact.

I exercise way more than I did in California, it’s just that I ate like a bird because I never had enough money to buy anything substantial! Isn’t that sad?! I lived on avocados, toast and oranges. Oh, how things have changed.

Oh, how they need to change again. I just need to find that happy medium.

This semester, I’m taking a fitness class for fun, just a one credit class, and one of our homework assignments was to study unhealthy eating habits. I have a lot of these. Here they are, according to my textbook:

  • Overeating, when seeing a certain restaurant, entertainment, or at events
  • Binge-eating certain foods and beverages; or when very hungry; or when feeling certain emotions
  • Choosing food portions that are too large or too high-calorie
  • Eating too fast; everything on the plate even when no longer hungry; leftovers because it’s “a sin to waste food;” while watching TV, reading, or doing other passive activities; throughout the day; or when not hungry
  • Overeating when stimulated by the sight, smell, nearness of food, in social situations, or at the persuasion of family and friends
  • Eating as a reward
  • Skipping meals, but overeating at dinner or later in the day.

Luckily, there are more solutions than there are problems, in a handy-dandy A-Z list:

Preface: my only problem with this list is under “Q,” and their quote “nothing tastes as good as slimness feels!” It’s only a step away from Kate Moss’s declaration that anorexics have taken as their own sort of motto (just Google “nothing tastes…” and you’ll see it). SOOOO, I’m going to suggest amending that to say “Nothing tastes as good as healthiness feels!” Silly, silly fitness book.

Solutions to Overeating (click to see the PDF)

Solutions to OvereatingSo let’s all vow to do better. Overeating = bad. Finding a balance = good. Also, sorry for the 3 of you that look at the blog regularly. It’s already the 8th and this is only my first post of the month. You don’t want to hear my excuses. Have a healthy weekend!

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