Not Motivated

My new goal: print out some signs that say this and put them places.

I feel like I’m constantly fighting being motivated.

IT’S A REALLY FRUSTRATING FIGHT, because I know what I want out of life, but some days I just don’t have the self control to achieve the little things that will lead to the big things.

For instance:

  • getting up at a reasonable time
  • doing my homework
  • going to class
  • paying attention in class
  • studying

…these are the biggest struggles and stresses in my life. I realize that the fact that these are stressful are because I let them become such.

But I’m tired of letting my inaction control my life.

So today, I’m giving myself 3.5 hours in the library to finish everything I can on my really long to-do list, then I’m going to continue to be productive. On my mirror at home, I’ve written myself a reminder to “recommit every day,” because every day is a choice to move forward and better ourselves. Every day is an opportunity to do something better than yesterday. You can quote me on that.

Okay, I should go focus now. That in itself will be an accomplishment, considering the people across and to the left who clearly misplaced their inside voices elsewhere–and the girl across from me with her headphones in that apparently doesn’t realize she’s humming out loud.

Wish me luck. And go be motivated.

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