LOVE WEEK: Singles’ Awareness Day Party Perfection

sparkling cherry juice

Singles Awareness Day party ideas

If you’re like me and single for the first Valentine’s Day in 3 years, you definitely want to have a relaxed time for once. This week, I’m co-hosting one and attending another S. A. D. party (co-ed winkywinky), and I thought I’d share my ideas on how to throw the best Singles’ Party with you and your similarly single lady friends OF ALL TIME:

  1. Environment/Decor: Pick some awesome single playlists [herehere] and play that background music!
  2. Food: Lots of strawberries and chocolate and popcorn. Cute recipes here, here, and here.
  3. Activities: Chick-flicks of course! (He’s Just Not That Into You, Mona Lisa Smile, etc)
  4. Activities: Heart-attack someone you all know
  5. Activities: board games/party games (Never have I ever…, other icebreakers)
  6. Activities: photo-booths are super fun

MOSTLY, just try to have a good time! Be happy!! Instead of wasting time with a boy you probably won’t end up with–you could be creating lasting bonds with women-folk.

After the boys-and-girls singles’ party I go to this weekend, I’ll let you know what we did and how great it turned out to be. Being single can be so fun.

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