Valentine’s Day Nails

valentine's day heart nails

I had shellac on my nails over the past few weeks–and since the polish was dark, it was super noticeable when my nails started to grow. Instead of trying to remove it myself (which you can do by filing of the top layer, then soaking in acetone for a while, then filing more and more off as you alternate soaking), I just went and had a salon remove it. They also filed my nails nicely and removed my cuticles (which is the best part).

Like I said, the color I had for almost a month was dark, so this time I decided I’d go for a lighter color. What better than Essie’s Ballet Slippers that my amazing sister got me for Christmas? I saw this tutorial on Pinterest and just knew it’d be my next project. Since I’m not super talented, I decided to only do the heart on one hand. Surprisingly, it looks really cool like that. I also like how the heart is facing me.

Fun fact: did you know the Egyptians (and other people) used to believe that there was a vein running directly from the ring finger to the heart–and that’s why we put rings on that finger? We now know that’s not true, but the symbolism is beautiful!

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