Road Trip Shortlist

The last couple times I went on a road trip, someone has given me a playlist of about 40 songs or so to listen to as I drive. I recently made such a playlist for a friend, and I feel like it’s worth sharing. It’s about 3 hours worth of music, so I won’t list all 49 songs. For now, I’ll do the not-to-be-missed ones (in alphabetical order by artist):

#1 – Woodstock / Alice Smith

#2 – Sweet Pea / Amos Lee

#3 – Fine By Me / Andy Grammar

#4 – Put Your Records On / Corrine Bailey Rae

#5 – Queen a Capella Medley / Dartmouth Aires

#6 – Lay Me Down / The Dirty Heads

#7 – Changes / Dirty Vegas

#8 – Heart It Races / Dr. Dog

#9 – Better With You / Five Times August

#10 – While My Guitar Gently Weeps / Jake Shumabukuro

#11 – Lemonade (Ukulele Version) / Jeremy Passion

#12 – Ocean – John Butler Trio (check out this dude’s “picks” and start at 5:08)

#13 – Merry Happy / Kate Nash

#14 – Pumpkin Soup / Kate Nash

#15 – Sweet Serendipity / Lee DeWyze

#16 – Ships In The Night / Matt Kearney

#17 – Daylight / Matt and Kim

#18 – Dental Care / Owl City

#19 – Sleepyhead / Passion Pit

#20 – Kaleidoscope Hearts / Sara Bareilles

#21 – Miami / Will Smith (because it makes you laugh, every time.)

#22 – New Soul / Yael Naim

So yeah. These aren’t really specific to road tripping, but I just like all these songs and think everyone should own them. Or at least appreciate them!

Finals are over after this week, so hopefully I’ll be back to a regular posting schedule!

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