All My Favorites

I thought it would be fun to do a small compilation of all my favorite blog posts! I went through them all, all, ALL to find only the best of the best. Without further ado, my Top 10 Blog Posts of All Time:

#10 – Airhead Apparently – June 2012 – I question the assumption that I’m an airhead.

#9 – Quinoa Fried Rice – November 2012 – My favorite Pinterest-inspired recipe to date.

#8 – Canyon Trip – September 2012 – The day I randomly ran away from life into the mountains and took pictures of it all.

#7 – Ms. Lace Lollipops October – October 2012 – Just inspiration, you guys. Inspiration.

#6 – I Am Beautiful Because… – September 2012 – It’s sad it took me so long to figure out what beauty is, but hey, better late than never.

#5 – Time is Money – November 2011 – Still some of my favorite photographs and some advice on happiness.

#4 – Season of Change? – November 2011 – Last Fall when I got depressed with my life and dyed half my hair purple. I’m always so philosophical when I’m depressed.

#3 – Break Up Queen, Not Ashamed – June 2012 – When I turned 21 and decided I needed a change. Also, how I wish I still had those legs. And that I could stop spewing my relationship problems all over my blog.

#2 –DIY Glittery Belt – December 2011 – Remember when Maria did DIY Mondays? I do. Everyone loved her posts. This is a must-see!

#1 – The Importance of a Good Man – March 2012 – My absolute favorite post and I still think everyone should read it.

Those are just some of my favorites! Keep up-to-date on my new postings by following me on Twitter. You can also contact me through my website here, email me at, or send me a message to my Facebook (show your support and send me a like!) Check out my Pinterest, too! Thank you all so much!


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