The Cloud Cake

Spent lots of quality time this past weekend with Kate. It was all just quite lovely. We played lots of music together and even baked a cake.

The cake was quite an adventure! We wanted to make something sweet to go with our dinner, so we found a recipe via Pinterest (as per usual) and said, “we have all the ingredients, let’s DO IT.” Come to find out it’s one of those recipes that people with degrees in cooking make.

It’s the most dramatic recipe ever.

First of all, it calls for sifted flour with a sieve four times. I don’t even know what a sieve is, much less am I going to take a half an hour to sift some flour FOUR TIMES. I mean really.

But, oh man, did we whip that meringue. It was perfect. We some how managed to make a pretty good cake, regardless of Martha Stewart’s Most High Maintenance Recipe Ever.

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