First Dates

I don’t really talk about dating very much, because it’s something I generally dislike. I guess that’s not totally true. I like dating, but usually only after I’ve been dating someone for a while. My guess at why is probably because first dates can be really uncomfortable. This past Saturday, I got asked and happily went on a date. I’m lucky in that it turned out to be surprisingly fun.

Some of you may remember this post about my recent dating past, along with a list of goals for dating life when I turned 21. In the almost three months since that post, I’ve had a handful of first dates. I don’t know if that’s a lot or not. It feels like a lot.

Some have been uncomfortable, some have been alright, and some were fun. Mostly, I feel like they’ve all been a lot of effort. It takes so much energy to be constantly trying to think of what to say next and wondering how I might be coming across. I guess because I’ve always been a “relationship-girl,” I’m used to going on dates with the same person. All these first dates are so out of the norm–and stressful.

Some of you may also remember this post about an epiphany I had regarding the kind of man I want to end up with. After re-reading that today, I would like to add “looks like a mountain man/lumberjack” to that list (that’s only kind of a joke) and say something I feel I should’ve mentioned then: I believe in making myself to be the kind of woman so as to deserve that kind of man.

Also, as much as I hate first-dating, it’s probably more likely that I’m going to find my tough-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside, bearded man by sucking up my overactive awkward-o-meter and going out on first dates.

My fingers are still crossed that he appears out of nowhere, here in Utah.

Now that I’ve scared off any future potential boys, here are some photos from the date I went on this weekend:

Firstly, he got me balloons.

“I may or may not have looked at your blog,” was along the lines of what he said.

We went to the Bridal Veil Falls park up the canyon and just walked along, taking photos every now and then. It was only a little warmer than I would’ve liked, but the shade was lovely. These are the falls! I forgot my camera (I know, right?), but luckily he brought his.

Then, we passed this fallen tree, in the shade. It was a perfect photo spot. So I stop. He agrees that it’s nice. I go to take a picture, and he goes over the trunk, up a little ways and emerges from behind a big rock with a blanket and a cooler.

It was a lovely surprise and I was very impressed at the effort he went through. I ended up cutting my finger on that bottle cap, but hopefully it will scar and I’ll get a nice battle wound.

Since you say you read my blog, thank you, Christian, for the good time!

To everyone else, especially all the beautiful young ladies that read my blog  (I hear you’re mostly between 13-17 years old), remember that sometimes you have to go through lots of dates and potentially uncomfortable situations in order to find out what kind of personality traits you do (or don’t) want in a guy–then eventually recognize him when you see him. That means you should go on dates with people who are kind enough to ask you and spend time and effort on you–and go out looking to have fun and make a new friend. It’s much harder to go wrong with those kinds of expectations. And know these types of posts are ALL for YOU.

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