I have reached a new level: Instagram

It all started with this photo.

I wear contacts. I lost a couple boxes of my contacts. I have avoided it as long as possible, but I am now out of contacts. Good thing I have this one pair of glasses.

I don’t usually wear glasses, I prefer to not wear glasses. They’re annoying and I like my sunglasses.

Now I don’t have a choice. …procrastination, children–this is where it gets you. I once went a whole month with glasses when I lived in California because of the same thing. I started dating a boy who only saw me with my glasses, so once I went back to normal, it freaked him out. My normal was his weird. …Weird.

On top of all this, it’s the first week of classes. Now everyone I meet is going to assume I always wear glasses and the day I show up without them, I guarantee at least a few people WON’T RECOGNIZE ME. It happens every time. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, people really have a hard time recognizing people they don’t know very well if they go from glasses to non-glasses. I don’t understand it, but it’s going to be awkward to have people say, “oh, what’s you’re name?” and when I answer, they unfailingly go, “OH! I didn’t recognize you!”

“Yeah, it’s probably the glasses.”

“OH! Of course…that makes sense.”

Oh, does it? Please enlighten me.

So that happens.

I do like my glasses because the dark frames allow me to not have to worry as much about makeup, but if given a choice I will always opt for contacts.

So I took this photo on my way to class on Wednesday, because it’s rare that I wear my glasses, if you haven’t gathered. I was like, “AH! It’s not so bad! Maybe I’ll tweet about it.”

And then, something terrible happened. I couldn’t bring myself to post an unedited photo.

So I got Instagram.

HOW SAD IS THAT!? I only like you for your insta-filters, Instagram, but you know that, don’t you?! I think Instagram is like being flattered when your waiter shamelessly flirts with you: we all know it’s just to get a better tip, but we giggle and let ourselves feel special anyway. Every time I post a filtered-by-Instagram photo of myself, I’ll know deep down it’s to hide some level of insecurity. I’ll smile and be like “HEY, let’s pretend my skin really looked that clear today” –because Instagram is my flirty waiter and I like to feel special. OKAY? (Although if you look closely, you can sort of see the two pink dots on my cheek, as gifted by the lovely Lady of the Month.)

Funny how when I upload and meticulously edit all the photos I take on my digital SLR (in a sense, filtering them, just not at the push of a button like Instagram) it’s suddenly considered art…

Maybe editing through photoshop is like an off-the-clock waiter going out of his way to flirt with you: meaningful gratification.

That’s that! What’s your flirty waiter? Something you shamelessly do/accept when you know it’s really just kind of shallow? If you use Instagram, do you see it as your flirty waiter, or as something bigger and better that actually is meaningful? Let me know in the comments below!

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