Healthy Vegetarian Lunch

I’m not a vegetarian, but lately, the thought of meat (especially red meat) has made me a little nauseous. Today, I decided to have some of my favorite little bits for lunch. Then I took pictures and thought I’d share on here. You’re welcome…

Tell me that doesn’t just look delicious! Yum! Now one by one:

Blueberries are some of my favorite fruits. I used to really not like them when I was younger, but now I feel like I could eat anything blueberry related and have it instantly become a favorite. Did you know the serving size for blueberries is one whole cup?! A WHOLE CUP OF BLUEBERRIES! That’s so many. I usually just get a handful, I don’t think I could have eaten a whole cup.

Okay, I have a confession–I’m a honey-snob. I know, I know, what kind of thing is that to be picky about? Let’s just say if you grew up with a certain kind of honey that your grandfather got from his bees in California, you would look at that bear-shaped package of clover honey and inwardly gag too. I only spread one half with the peanut butter, because the honey is moist enough with the bananas that it all soaks into the bread and makes it taste amazing. Also, someone told me once that even though peanut butter has good things in it, the fat content is so high that it’s rarely worth it. I love peanut butter too much to give it up though.

On the bread–it’s homemade, hearty goodness. There’s just something about a denser loaf of bread that just makes me feel happy inside.

I love granola! This is from Bear Naked Fit, it’s their vanilla almond crunch natural granola. It’s so yummy. I have to admit, I sometimes just pick out the almonds. That’s why there’s only one in the photo. It’s the only one I could find in the bag. So a serving of this is 1/4 cup. I didn’t measure it out, but I’m sure this is pretty close. It’s really good. Perfect to snack on, too.

Technically, the serving size for these is 2 cookies, BUT! anyone that knows me knows I love chocolate + coconut, and there’s no way I’m only eating two of these. So I splurge, whatever.

It’s funny, I started out today planning on doing a vlog update about my first day of fall semester, but there were so many people around at the school that I couldn’t find a single place to record it where there weren’t other people to disturb. I should just walk the halls, holding and talking to my camera and see how many looks I get. Honestly, there are so many people that I almost wouldn’t be surprised if no one noticed… the next Project Good is probably going to be finished this weekend. If you missed the first one, here it is. Keep submitting!

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