Juicy Week Review


Let’s hear about the past week, in order of excitement:

  1. Engine in my car died
  2. Sushi with Katrin to talk about a super super exciting new project we’re starting
  3. I got fired from my job
  4. Created a Facebook Page for Lace Lollipops
  5. Have a new blog theme (I love it)
  6. Nephew started crawling
  7. No progress accomplished for my final paper in English…sadface

Quite a juicy week I’ve had. I am planning on selling my car and buying a new one. Listen for the most exciting adventure I’ll ever embark upon this weekend. (!!! I’m so SO excited.) Please come back tomorrow or Thursday to hear my ever-so-detailed, “tell-all” of how I got fired (it’s really not something to miss).

And these photos below, for some reason I really like them. I think it’s because I was annoyed when I was taking them, so they don’t show the usual smiles. Going out of the usual is exciting.

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  1. I just wanted you to make sure that in writing you are very careful about your words. You don’t want to bash on your job because it might prevent you from finding a new one. My brother applied for a job and they looked up his blog and didn’t like that he complained about his previous job. Just giving you a heads up. Not to put a damper on your post but usually people get fired for a reason.


    1. Oh, how I appreciate your concern, random individual, but I’m not bashing my work. I’m simply telling the truth about a few individuals. And you should worry about yourself, sweetie, but you can determine my reason for being fired when I post the story. Til then, ta-ta and thanks for reading. By the way, I don’t know how Blogger works, but WordPress records IP addresses with comments. Isn’t it odd that I’ve made many a comment reply from the exact same IP address that this comment came from? xoxo


      1. Um, do you not understand that I know exactly where this is coming from? Like I know it’s coming from someone at work. Do you not understand that? I’m honestly just going to screen shot all of this and add it to the end of my already written, lovingly detailed post about you tomorrow. I honestly have to thank you for giving me more material to add to my credibility.

      2. I never posted or will post horrible things about you online. I am trying to help you. There was an issue that I tried to solve. I am telling you now that what you are doing will only hurt you. I don’t want you to be hurt more than you already are. I had no say in the matter of you losing your job and honestly, i didn’t want that. i wanted to work things out with you. If this will help you get more readers. great, I support you.

      3. Well, I’m glad you recognize your actions yesterday were horrible, because I won’t be posting anything about you that isn’t true. I, for one, wouldn’t care if you posted anything about me, because I have nothing to hide. There is no way that I’ve ever acted toward you that I wouldn’t be proud to have strewn all over the Internet. If you’re worried about what people say about you, maybe you should act in a way where no one can say things that make you look bad. I’m not going to mention you by name, so no one will ever know it’s you… except anyone at work that will read it tomorrow. What you don’t seem to realize is that it’s not your place to resolve workplace issues. You have no right to order me around, you are not nor have ever been my boss. If you would like to say anything else to me, feel free to email me: brittany@lacelollipops.com. You can also send me a message through my blog in the Contact section. Anything else I’d like to say to you is neatly tucked away in my post that’s scheduled for tomorrow. I honestly wish you the best, darling. xo

  2. When things happen to you they really happen. Here’s to the hopes of a much better week (weeks) ahead. You seem to be taking it in great stride so that in it’s self is a great accomplishment.
    Keep your head up, it will all fall into place at just the right time!


  3. I can’t believe your engine died AND you got fired 😦 That sucks. But I’m sure better things are meant for you, that’s what I always say. One door closes…another opens! Keep smiling!!


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