Juicy Week Review


Let’s hear about the past week, in order of excitement:

  1. Engine in my car died
  2. Sushi with Katrin to talk about a super super exciting new project we’re starting
  3. I got fired from my job
  4. Created a Facebook Page for Lace Lollipops
  5. Have a new blog theme (I love it)
  6. Nephew started crawling
  7. No progress accomplished for my final paper in English…sadface

Quite a juicy week I’ve had. I am planning on selling my car and buying a new one. Listen for the most exciting adventure I’ll ever embark upon this weekend. (!!! I’m so SO excited.) Please come back tomorrow or Thursday to hear my ever-so-detailed, “tell-all” of how I got fired (it’s really not something to miss).

And these photos below, for some reason I really like them. I think it’s because I was annoyed when I was taking them, so they don’t show the usual smiles. Going out of the usual is exciting.

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