Eyelash Extensions

I got eyelash extensions on Saturday. I love them. They are very convenient, because I don’t have to wear mascara, which used to take up a majority of my makeup routine time. With that said, I’ve been having kind of an inner struggle about them. Lemme ‘splain:

The first real job I had, I worked with a girl who seemed to be really pretty, dark haired and well-dressed. I could tell all the boys looked at her and it made me jealous at first! My hair wasn’t as thick and luscious, no matter how much I tried, I could not get my makeup to look as dramatic as hers, I have no hope of ever being as tan. That stuff used to bug me, until she was moved to the desk next to mine and I got a closer look.

Luscious hair? Hair extensions, color from a bottle. Perfectly polished, long nails? Fake. Tan? Fake. Perfect skin? Caked with makeup to make it appear so. Long, dark lashes? Yes, lash extensions. Hollywood white teeth? Bleached.

From close up, she looked totally unreal! Her makeup looked cakey, that’s how much she used. She owned expensive clothes, but only a few apparently, since she wore the same thing almost every day.

All my jealousy for her beauty quickly disappeared! I realized I never wanted my beauty to be fake, or for people to think I am pretty, but then on closer look see that I’m just hiding behind a bunch of modifications.

I really debated for a while on whether or not I was going to get the eyelash extensions, because I knew I’d probably like them and get used to them, and forever and ever feel inadequate without them. I’m still not sure exactly why I did get them, but I’ve decided on a new criteria:

If what I’m doing is enhancing what I already have–and I could feel secure without it–I will do it if I want. If what I’m doing is changing my appearance instead, I won’t. I don’t want to turn myself into something different.

I am for enhancing the natural. Amen.

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