Driving Back

I got back last night from my trip to St George. 4 hour drive in 3. Yeah. I basically listened to music really loud, drove fast and was accompanied by a blood-red sunset. The sun was RED. It was cool and also creeped me out at first.

And here’s a photo of my bruise that I mentioned on Friday. It isn’t exactly delicious or attractive, so I made the photo smaller. You’re welcome.

It was a great trip. I always love seeing my family. Every single person I talked to told me I should move there. It’s beautiful. A paradise…I was just starting to get used to the heat when I left yesterday. Maybe after I’m done with school, I’ll consider moving there! It’s an option. Always an option…but since I left North Carolina in 2009, I’ve moved 6 times: to Cedar Hills, UT, to Rexburg, ID, to Provo, to a different place in Provo, to Los Angeles, back to Provo. That’s so many times to move! I just want to stay in one place for now, but seriously, seeing my family and spending time with them was really amazing. I already miss them!

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