Airhead Apparently

It’s come to my attention that my sister seems to think I “act like an airhead to get attention” and that all she’s ever heard me talk about is fashion. She wasn’t trying to be mean, it’s just her opinion and that’s fine.

“Well, I have heard you ask Dad about politics a couple times, I’ll give you that.”

It occurs to me that I haven’t said anything of much importance on my blog. That’s because I like to keep things light for the most part, not because I’m vapid and my life really only revolves around the things I post about.

Well, blogosphere, let me let you in on the well-rounded me and you can be the judge of whether or not I’m an airhead.

I realize she said I only “act” like an airhead. I would like to say that just because I don’t walk around serious all the time, because I like to be silly with my friends on occasion, doesn’t mean I’m acting out to get attention. I’d like to think it’s because I enjoy being the kind of person that is generally known as easy-going, lighthearted and approachable.

Okay. Here’s more than you’ve ever wanted to know about me:

I like clothes. I like to put together outfits because it makes my eyes happy. It’s a form of creativity not different than any other art in its most basic concepts.

I like to take pictures. I especially like to take photos of other people, because I believe every now and then you can get a shot that really captures a piece of humanity. I also think it’s an outlet for creativity.

I like to shoot guns. I think it’s fun and it is very rewarding to work on perfecting the skill. I also believe in knowing how to defend yourself.

I like to read books. I mostly like non-fiction, because I really enjoy reality and learning about the philosophies of others. I like fiction, too, because it’s really just a movie on paper.

I like to watch documentaries. I like to learn about the world because I like the feeling of “oh, that makes sense” and filling in blanks.

I am fascinated with Space and the Universe. There is so much knowledge out there.

If I could do anything in the world, I would travel to different countries and try to teach women how to be independent and self-sufficient and to be healthy and hygienic.

I’ve taken Spanish, French and Russian classes.

I believe music is a universal language and that the notes have so much complexity beyond the surface view, like any poem or writing. I understand how music works.

I love to sing.

I love to watch plays, ballets, musicals, and all performances. I enjoy all sorts of cultural activities.

I like to travel and read about places of travel.

I like to go running, I like to go for walks and hikes. I like to appreciate the beauty that is around me.

I try to cultivate a love for all people and I try very hard to treat everyone with all the respect I feel I would want. I believe in empathy.

I’m very religious. I believe there’s one very straight and narrow path to never ending happiness.

I believe in forming an educated opinion about most everything. I really don’t like politics, but I feel a responsibility to be informed and to fight for things I feel are right.

I don’t know. I feel this natural desire to create, but to also learn about the things that are and have been. It’s very complicated! I feel like there are a lot of things on my mind that I can’t quite put into words…like I’ve almost got it figured out, but not yet.

Think I’m an airhead if you must, but I am just like everyone else–trying to figure out life and the best way to get by. Hopefully everyone realizes that this blog is purely surface-level and cannot be expected to show the person I feel I am. I base my true happiness on things that cannot end, but I do enjoy my hobbies. I put them on this website in hopes that I can be more well-rounded, and maybe even help others enjoy life a little bit more as well.


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