A Package

Sundays have become Craft Sundays for me, mostly because I don’t ever feel like I have very much to do on Sundays. I have a boyfriend on a mission for my Church, so I sent him a package on Friday. I put such cute stuff in it! At least, I think I did. I used all neon colors and frankly, it hurts the eyes to look at, but I’m hoping he enjoyed it!

The best thing about being in the same city as the MTC (where he currently is) is that I can get packages to him same day, no matter the size, for $2. It’s very convenient. I can obviously also get letters to him same day. They don’t even charge postage, how COOL.

Well, I’m off to send him a letter and tonight I’ll be doing more things to make him another package! Yay, craftiness!

Little tiny quotes that he can insert into his journal or put on the mirror, or do whatever, honestly.

Since he’ll be serving in France, I wrote up the Articles of Faith (the basic beliefs of our Church) in french, then put a pretty bow on it.

The whole thing, packed and stuffed to the top, right before I sealed it and sent it!

The contents! It was fun to put together! AH! I hope he liked it! I hope I get a letter today…

I honestly don’t know how I can keep this up for another 24 months without a breakdown of some kind…

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