Uploaded a new banner (as you can see up there)! Happy Spring!

Sometimes good things happen. Sometimes you wear jean on jean and it works.

Sometimes you’re too busy to do your laundry, so you leave it in the laundry room and come home to it washed, dried and folded on your bed.

Sometimes you hear a great song on the radio, assume it’s too difficult to play, but look it up and realize it only uses the chords you already know and learn it in a few minutes!

Sometimes the girls at work share their expensive nail polish.

Sometimes you go shopping and find exactly what your looking for.

Sometimes the fish you’re taking care of doesn’t die like you’re sure it’s going to any minute.

Sometimes you walk outside and are surprised by how nice of a day it is!

Sometimes life is headed in the right direction.

Sometimes I think we should pay more attention to the little things that happen in our lives.

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