Ukulele Skills

Okay, here it is: my big thing. A Ukulele cover of Noah and the Whale’s song “5 Years Time.”

I picked up a Ukulele for the first time ever last week and this is what I learned!!! So proud of myself–but I still have a long way to go. I mess up the words and the Ukulele a few times, but HEY. I took like four or five different takes and this is as close as I had the patience to get it, haha.

Comment and tell me what you think! Skills? Or sorrybutno?



  1. Totally awesome, amazing. I have been working on the Ukulele for two months yesterday and am no where near what you have managed in a week. Please make me feel good and say you have some kind of musical back ground.
    Me, having never touched an instrument in my first 52 years decided that I needed to learn to play something, So here I sit daily trying and it will come to me eventually.
    Thanks for posting your first Ukulele video, looking very forward to many more!!!
    Keep strumming!


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