Monday with Maria DIY: Braided Shirt

My new obsession is Pinterest. If you haven’t heard about it, you need to go check it out! I found this while searching DIY projects. It was originally posted by Welcome to the gOOD life. It’s this amazingly cute braided shirt. So many times I go into my closet and find things that I don’t use anymore. One of my new years resolutions is to revamp old clothing instead of just giving it away and buying new clothes.

I found an old blue shirt in my give-away pile that I wanted to try this style on. It was extremely simple and took no time at all.

The supplies you need are:

A shirt (crew or V-neck)


Sewing or fabric glue

Something to hold onto fabric while you braid it (safety pin or clip)

I am using a regular crew cut t-shirt. It would make it easier to just use a V-neck. However, if you don’t have an extra one laying around, you can make a V-neck like I did.

 You just fold the shirt in half and cut directly down. You can cut however low you want. Then cut outward toward the neckline to open it up.

Then cut the bottom off of the shirt to make the braid.

 Then cut the bottom half of the shirt into three peices and secure.

Then secure the braid on the shirt with fabric glue or you can sew it on, which ever one works for you.

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