Guest Post: Nail Art by Anna


Who doesn’t love finding new ways to to their nails? I know I suddenly am obsessed, which is why I asked the lovely Anna to post about her immaculate nail art!

First I painted my nails with multiple coats of Sinful Colors Scandal nail
polish. It’s an extremely pale pink, which means multiple coats was

Then, I got out my Kiss Nail Artist Blue and simply painted a backwards “C”
on the left side of my finger. I placed a normal “C” on top and a crooked
“C” on the bottom to form the main design on my fingers.

On my ring fingers only (just my personal preference), I added a
little bit of Kiss Nail Artist Silver coming from the center “C” just to
add some flare.

After all of this, I let my nails dry to the “sticky” stage and added a clear top coat, which for me is Seche Vite.

Et voila! A cute way to design your nails. Use red and gold to spice it up for the Holidays, or give as a gift to a little sister!


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