Homemade Nail Polish and Sneak Peek at the Grand Prize for the Contest/Giveaway!

 When I’m not feeling in a good mood, or even if I’m bored, I paint my nails. Lately, I’ve been really into it. I like seeing which colors are popular for the different seasons. This season, gold is in! (If you’re looking for the Sneak Peak at the Grand Prize for the Contest/Giveaway, scroll down!)

I have been really into gold, glittery things this fall. Including my new shoes, my new jacket, and now my new nail polish. There was a picture on Pinterest (my new obssession) and it was nail polish that had big chunks of glitter in it–it was adorable! I usually get my nail polish at Walmart or a drug store. For some reason, I could not find a glittery/sparkly nail polish that I really like. With my DIY mindset, I decided to make some gold nail polish!

I decided that I wanted my ring finger to have the accent color. I painted all my other fingers 204 West Village by NYC. It’s a really pretty color. It looks like a dark blue, but in the light it has hints of purple. (I got it at Walmart for less than $2)

Then take any clear nail polish, I’m using 271 Clear by NYC, and any gold glitter.

Next, put some glitter in a small container and pour in a little clear nail polish. Then apply! You can apply it like I did to an accent nail or to every nail!

Make sure to check out the Do-It-Yourself project I did on Monday, here!

Yesterday we announced a Contest/Giveaway! If you didn’t know, check out the details of how to enter here.

And now I will give you all a very special Sneak Peek into what the brand that the Grand Prize will be!

Drum roll……….

Yay! We won’t tell you what the Grand Prize is just yet, but it is fom Urban Decay! Urban Decay is such a wonderful brand and has so many quality products. The one lucky Grand Prize winner will absolutely love what their prize is!

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is great! I’m in love with my new pink and purple glitter nail polish so this is just great! Thanks for the great tips to help us less creative people out there!


  2. yes, Yes, YES! Awesome Idea! In the past, I have stayed away from the gold color in pretty much all aspects of my style. It’s amazing how much I have changed in my preferences over just last few years. Gosh, I hope I have gold glitter in one of my cabinets so I can do this asap!


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