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Now pick your jaw back up off the floor. We can continue.

I’ve always had a fascination with eyes. I saw these photographs and it honestly freaked me out a little at first, because, honestly–did you know our eyes look like different planets and oceans and such!?

And our pupils are just dark holes going in the back of our heads. They’re holes. If there wasn’t the iris (the colored part), we would all have holes for eyes. And also be nocturnal, probably.

It’s creepy in a wonderfully fantastic way.

Let’s talk eye shadow, now that we’ve had our optical lesson:

With green eyes (although, I’m not really sure that’s what color they are), I like to wear three different shades of eye shadow to make them pop–brown, dark purple and green. Blues and light pastel colors are what I wear if I have statement lipstick. Check out the following:

I like this green because it’s a golden-green, which works really well for me since I have gold in my eyes.

And there’s the brown–I think it pulls out the grey-ish color in my eyes.

I don’t know. I don’t know what color they are. According to this color palette generator, my eyes are basically shades of grey tinted with greens and blues. The X’s represent the outsides of my eyes that aren’t included in the iris. The original photo I used was a cropped version of the super close up I posted as the 2nd picture. So these are the colors from the bottom half of my iris.

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