Count Your Blessings

Wow, a big thank you to everyone who looked at the blog yesterday! I had the highest views in one day since I started the blog back in August. Thank you!

Shirt (similar) and shoes (similar) from Kohl’s, leggings from Forever 21, sunglasses from Charlotte Russe.

Still not feeling too great today. It feels like I have a permanent case of the sads.

Here are ten reasons (in no particular order) why I shouldn’t be sad in hopes that my heart catches up with my brain:

1. Music is wonderful, and I’m lucky to be talented in it

2. I have two parents who love me more than anything

3. I have somewhere to go on Thanksgiving

4. I’m only 20 years old! I have my whole life ahead of me with endless possibilities

5. I have a clear conscience

6. I have had the privilege of learning from so many great teachers

7. I know that in the grand scheme of things, the past mistakes and hard times I’ve had will be a forgotten, distant memory compared to all the wonderful things I will do and accomplish in the next 60 years

8. I can find joy in so many things in life, like art, music and language, to name a few

9. I have confidence in a supreme purpose and meaning to life

10. I have never been more aware of the multitude of people who truly do wish the best for me, and I won’t let the one or two people who don’t, blind me from all my blessings.

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