Fall Favorites pt. II

The other two outfits to complete my $500 shopping spree (in my dreams): (see part one here.)
Outfit #3: I love the idea of using trench coats as dresses when it rains. I think I’d wear like a plain black shirt under and shorts over the tights just in case, though. The boots are especially great because I think they look fabulous, but would also keep you from slipping on the wet pavement!
Fall Outfit #3
Classic Trench by Asos, Boots are Date by Big Buddha and 120 Denier Black Tights by Asos. Not counting the umbrella in the total, although it’s super cute. Outfit total around $195.
That basically takes the rest of my imaginary $500, but I promised 2 outfits today, so the next is a complete dream look totaling just over $500!.
Fall Outfit #4
So the socks would be over the tights and just high enough to peak over the top of the boots (I think that’s cute). The cape/jacket would obv only be worn if necessary since it’d pretty much cover up the whole outfit which I’m in love with completely.
Skirt is Asos Flannel Skirt with Belt, top is Asos Deep V Cuff Shirt, boots are Asos Caramel, socks are Burlington Wool Argyle, tights are Asos Bow Seam Sheer, cape is Asos Cape with Fur Trim, clutch is Asos Faux Snake, snood (never heard of it before Asos, but totally cute!) is Asos Cable Knit Hooded Snood. Hope you’ve enjoyed this little 2-part fashion wishlist!

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