Music Monday IV

My new thing to do while listening to the radio is trying to focus on just one instrument, or just trying to hear one group of harmony.

Can I just say how much I love piano? This song came on and the piano part has been stuck in my head all weekend.

Also, I am always so appreciative to any artist who can sing live and sound just like the official recordings. It’s unfortunately pretty rare with popular singers.

I really don’t like depressing songs like this, but I’m telling you the piano part just makes this song. The syncopation is just wonderful. Tap you your foot to the beat or nod your head and just feel the music. AH! Now you understand why people love music. It literally makes you happier by releasing dopamine into your brain. Like a drug.

“Dreams–that’s where I have to go to see your beautiful face anymore.” I love that line, although I try not to think too hard about the lyrics since everyone’s been through a break up and no one likes to think about those feelings. But all in all, hats off to you, Gavin.

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