E.L.F. Package (!!)

Guess who got her makeup today! Yay!

You can click this photo to see it larger if you want. I don’t normally do that with my photos. Keep scrolling for a delicious photo sampler of the makeup! More to come by the end of the week–I’m hoping to maybe even get a video. I’m in LOVE.

ELF Liquid Eyeliner in Cobalt (4214) and Black (4203). These are only lining the top lash.
ELF Barely Bitten (6705) and Natural Nymph (67151) Lipsticks
ELF Body Shimmer in Golden Glow (86614), Cosmic Coral (86612) and Mystic Moonlight (86611)
ELF Cream Eyeliner in Gunmetal (81157 – lining the bottom lash on bottom left eye) and Black (81160 – lining the bottom lash on top right eye)
ELF Eye Primer in Sheer (7501) and Golden (7504)
ELF Natural Lash Kit in Black (1713). I’m still awful at putting on these. I’ll get better and report back!
ELF Hollywood False Lashes Kit (86001)
ELF Purple Trio Nail Polish (1529)
ELF Dramatic Eyes Kit (35028)

It was so exciting to get this package! I hope you like the photos and remember to come back later this week sometime for a video.

Both my eyes had different makeup on, teehee!

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