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Thoughts in Black


I have to say how much I’ve been busy being not busy the past few weeks. It’s like I’ve made an effort to do none of my work. I call it my rebellious period. I think I was just so overwhelmed after last semester ended, then I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of work I’ve had straight off this semester. But, I’m over it now.

I’m happy to report I’m back on schedule now, and things are looking up. For starters, I finally organized my room–not just cleaned it. I can’t express how much better it’s made me feel already.

My ankle is still healing somehow. I can’t believe how long it’s been and why it isn’t better already. I did manage to wear heels on Sunday, though. They gave me a blister on the back of my ankle, so now all I can wear are my loose shoes. So overall, it ended up taking my already limited  choice (only flats) to even more limited (only flats that don’t hurt my blister).

When I was organizing my room, I managed to get rid of a lot of stuff I was basically hanging on to for no reason. It’s so funny–when I originally put it all in a box and put it in a corner of my closet, I thought “I can’t just throw this away, I spent a lot of time on it, even though I’ll probably never look at it again.”

When I took it out yesterday, I was strangely unattached and didn’t care at all. All in the trash. It felt really…empowering. I know that’s weird, but it feels so good not to be attached to things. Sometimes I feel like I live my whole life making decisions based on one attachment or another.

Confession: I didn’t go to my classes today. I took a mental-sanity day and ran errands, then enjoyed a beautifully relaxing (much needed) pedicure. I can’t even fully express how much I’ve been needing to relax.

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Soooooo I’m back in Utah (notice the snow) and I realized (as I was trying to think of a title for this post) that in the 6mo that I’ve had this blog, I’ve only worn jeans twice in all of the fashion posts! I’m always in dresses, skirts, shorts or leggings. I don’t wear jeans very often because I only have a few pairs and none of them seem to fit me very well. I have big hips and stuff.

Happy second post with jeans!

Also, if you’re wondering why my face is so chubby–I gained like almost 5lbs since I moved to California. Working on it.

MAKE SURE you check out the blog tomorrow (if you don’t ever come back again, just at least come back tomorrow)!!! It’ll be–in a word, amazing. Or at least cool. Or impressive. I’m not sure. But come. Tomorrow. Bookmark it.

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Rainy California

Wool scarf: Gap; Jacket: Sonoma; Skirt: Charlotte Russe; Leggings: Forever21; Boots: Old Navy

Let’s pretend I meant for the background to be in focus and for myself to be not in focus. K thanks.

Sometimes it rains in California. Before I lived here, every time I came to visit, it was raining. It always ruined my fun and made it no fun to go to the beach. Now, I love it when it rains!

But it’s funny: even with the rain, and in the middle of winter, it never gets cold enough for me to break out any kind of thicker jacket than the one you see above.

Oh, California–never will I leave you. Now if only I could get my friends and family to move out here.

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Introducing Monday with Maria!

Hi Lollies, meet Maria! She and I went to high school together, but she’s also extremely talented and very creative. Bookmark us now, because Maria will be giving us our weekly dose of “Do It Yourself” (perfect for the Holiday season) all the way from Florida as a permanent contributor to Lace Lollipops!

What girl doesn’t like a nice pair of flats that go with everything and that are comfortable too? It was Coco Chanel that said every girl should be classy and fabulous. But at what price should that be? I think every girl should be classy and fabulous without having to pay hundreds of dollars for it! I hate it when I find a cute piece on the runway and it’s hundreds or even thousands of dollars! What makes me even more frustrated is when I try to find it at a cheaper price and it’s nowhere to be found. That’s when I figured that I could just make things myself! I mean who knows you better than you?! Do-it-yourself projects let you be hands-on with your fashion and let you be creative by implementing what you like into what you’re going to wear.

I have always loved Chanel, but on a college student budget, I could never afford something so expensive, even a pair of flats. These retail for about $396.00 and even replicas cost $132.00! That’s my gas money for almost 2 months! However, I found a way to get shoes like these for almost next to nothing: I made them for under $15!

The first thing you need is a black pair of flats. You can buy some, or if you want to spruce up a plain black pair you already have, that works even better!

I got these from Walmart and they were only $7.00!

Then you’ll need white ribbon and some sort of decorative pendant, like the signature Chanel sign.

The most tedious task is making the bows. The easiest way I found is after you cut the ribbon as long as you want, staple it in the middle to make 2 loops. Like the shoes, the ones I made have 6 loops. Then, once you have the loops in place, put another strand of ribbon across all of the loops to tie them together.

Tie the back of the piece of ribbon and secure the knot with glue.

You can use a glue gun, but I am using Krazy Glue.

The pendant that I’m using is actually a button. I cut the back off and then glued it to the middle loop of the bow toward the outside, just like the Chanel shoes.

Then secure both bows on the shoes.

I got all of my supplies at Walmart.

Shoes: $7.00

Ribbon: $1.97

Buttons: $1.32

Krazy Glue: $2.57

So for a total of $12.86, you can get a fabulous new pair of flats!

Post by Maria. Email her at maria.diy@lacelollipops.com. See more of her next Monday, December 5th! Until then, learn more about her here.

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