Just Words

Life is ironic. What even is there to say, really? We all know it. I feel–what do I feel…I feel like I have a lot to do with my life. I also don’t really feel like writing anything on here at the moment.

I don’t feel like doing much at all, but I know there’s a lot to do. Life will never be the same after today. Maybe one day I’ll laugh about all this. Now, I just kind of feel like rolling my eyes.

Enough complaining for one day, I think. Maybe not, actually.

I feel like it feels when it’s just a little too cold for what you’re wearing, but not cold enough for your jacket. I feel like it feels to drink a soda you can tell is about to go flat. I feel like it feels to have a bunch of candy around you, but none of your favorite kind. I feel like it feels to wait a really long time for something, only to realize it’s probably going not going to come. I feel like it feels to smudge your nail polish to the point where it’s noticeable up close, but not bad enough to make it worth redoing. I feel like it feels to have someone hint at you what they want you to do without actually saying it–and therefore, not technically telling you what to do. I feel like it feels to have two boys tell you they want to marry you within a day.

Don’t make me explain the last one. Blegh, life.

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